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MP45 Workout – A Review

I am always very open to new fitness plans and I found this one very interesting. It is gym-based, not something you do from home like most workout plans. It makes sense, you have so many more options to actually work your body the way you want to in...

How to Ease Wheatgrass Juice into Your Daily Exercise Routine

Wheatgrass is known for the high chlorophyll and nutrients it contains. In order to benefit from these nutrients, you can either take wheatgrass shots or have wheatgrass juice. Taking a bottle of wheatgrass juice once a day for an extended period of time can actually bring countless benefits and...

Fitbit: Your Sleep Buddy

Sleep is an essential part of achieving good health and well-being. It nourishes a person’s mental and physical health, thereby helping in the maintenance of a good quality of life. While asleep, the body is at work keeping optimum brain function and replenishing the cells for better physical well-being....