Workout Clothing Trends for 2024

Activewear has become more and more stylish with each passing year. Gone are the days of loose, grey crewneck sweatshirts with matching baggy pants. Today’s athlete sees no reason to sacrifice fashion for fitness and 2024 will see this trend continue, in a big way.

Trends To Watch

For those interested in stylish workout clothes, there are a number of things to look out for. Trends to follow include colorblocking, cutouts, and bright colors. For the coming year, activewear will continue to be form-fitting.

One great thing about these trends is how they enhance the appearance of the wearer. Artful colorblocking on jogging tights and yoga pants makes the calves, quads, and glutes look better. This trend is one that can be seen everywhere, from the pages of Vogue to the racks at Target.

Not only are bright colors popular, but mixing and matching them is, too. Part of this may be in response to the Olympics. For example, a bright yellow can be paired with a bright blue, evoking the colors of the Swedish team. Other fun color combos include yellows with greens, and oranges with any neutral shade.


Celebrity endorsements will also continue to be a big part of the world of activewear. Whether it’s musicians like Rihanna and Kanye, actors like Kate Hudson, or athletes like Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, their names and faces will continue to influence sales.

Companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour continue to spend big money on ad campaigns featuring prominent people. These businesses would not continue to do so if they were not seeing results.

The trend of interest in these celebrities, what they wear, and what they do, seems to be here to stay. People interested in stylish workout clothes pay lots of attention to who is wearing what.

Plus-Size Workout Clothes

After years of advocacy on the part of plus-sized people, some companies are finally sitting up and taking notice of an eager market. Brands such as Torrid cater specifically to the plus-sized customer. They are known for making cute, hip options for plus-sized ladies.

Traditional retailers such as JC Penney have made more of an effort to embrace the plus-sized market, as well. Over the past few years, JC Penney has committed itself to a more body-positive outlook. This includes incorporating plus-sized models in advertising, and plus-sized mannequins in stores.

Additionally, more design elements are being added to plus-sized clothing, including activewear. For years, the complaint that nothing cute or stylish could be found in a size above 12 was constant. These days, attractive active wear in larger sizes can be found everywhere from Target to Macy’s.

Finally, budget retailers such as Target and H&M have also expanded their plus-sized offerings in recent years. With statistics showing that more and more consumers fall into that size range, it is not surprising that brands are finally taking notice and providing options.

Workout Accessories

In addition to stylish activewear, it is important to have proper accessories for active pursuits. For example, a cycling power meter can help cyclists get the most out of their rides. A power meter measures the energy used by the rider. This is a great way to gauge the intensity and effectiveness of a cycling workout.

Other important accessories for workouts include activity trackers and workout watches that measure heart rate, distance, and speed. Fitness trackers come in a variety of options. There is a fitness tracker for everyone, from high budget to low budget.

Finally, a tool such as a foam roller can help pre- and post- workout. Rolling out tightness is effective in a way that surpasses stretching, although of course, that should be done too.

2017 Active Living

The coming year will be an exciting one for active people. With sports fully in the mainstream, and ideas about athleticism expanding to include plus-sized people, there has never been a better time to get out there and get active. Best of all, people can look great and be on the cutting edge of technology while doing so.


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