How to Ease Wheatgrass Juice into Your Daily Exercise Routine

Wheatgrass is known for the high chlorophyll and nutrients it contains. In order to benefit from these nutrients, you can either take wheatgrass shots or have wheatgrass juice. Taking a bottle of wheatgrass juice once a day for an extended period of time can actually bring countless benefits and make exercising that much more rewarding.

There are great products based on the benefits of wheatgrass too. If you don’t like the natural flavor of wheatgrass, taking dense wheatgrass shots is certainly not the way to go. You can visit this website to find more information on bottled wheatgrass beverages made from wheatgrass juice powder. Before you start taking wheatgrass juice regularly, however, you need to know how to ease it into your daily routine.

Why do I need to ease wheatgrass juice into my daily routine?

As mentioned earlier, wheatgrass juice is packed with minerals, amino acids, proteins and vitamins. Taking too much wheatgrass juice or simply consuming a lot when you’re just getting started is definitely not the way to go, especially if you want to start enjoying its benefits from the start. Your body needs time to adjust to the high nutrient intake.

For wheatgrass juice, the process of easing it into your daily routine is much simpler. You can simply start with half a bottle a day and see how the body reacts. If you feel fresh and healthier, you can consume the whole bottle (usually around 300ml per serving) on a daily basis. You’ll start seeing improvements in as little as a few days.

For wheatgrass shots, on the other hand, taking an ounce during the first few days before increasing it to two ounces will make it easier for your body to adjust to the nutrients intake. You can also eat pineapple or other fruits to wash the wheatgrass shot down.

When should I drink my wheatgrass juice?

When you drink the wheatgrass juice is just as important as how much you’re having. It is always best to drink wheatgrass juice when your stomach is empty. You can then eat a few slices of any fruit of your choice. Wheatgrass juice will naturally make you feel full and stop you from having cravings, which is why it is also a great way to help you stick to your diet program.

Avoid drinking wheatgrass juice after a large meal. Your body will not be able to absorb the full benefits of the juice and you’ll just be wasting nutrients.

Getting Started

Now that you know how to ease into drinking wheatgrass juice on a regular basis, it’s time to get started. Drink a bottle of wheatgrass juice a day, preferably in the morning, and you’ll start seeing changes in no time. You will feel healthier and have more energy to exercise and do your daily activities.

The antioxidant in wheatgrass juice will also help detox your body, removing excess drugs and other toxins while improving your liver functions. These changes can be felt as they happen. Adjust your intake once your body is ready to absorb the full benefits of wheatgrass juice and you’re all set.


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