MP45 Workout – A Review

I am always very open to new fitness plans and I found this one very interesting. It is gym-based, not something you do from home like most workout plans. It makes sense, you have so many more options to actually work your body the way you want to in order to get fit in the quickest and most efficient way. Nobody wants to waste time, effort, or even money. MP45 definitely works. It takes you by the hand and tells you what to do every single day for 45 days to get as fit as possible during that time.


MP45 is a 45-day, downloadable fitness training program that goes instantly to your phone, tablet, or computer. MP45 is a complete fitness solution that combines a 45- day workout plan, nutrition plan, and food and fitness education at a cost of $97.00. Usually, you would have to hire nutritionists and personal trainers for the same educational value and spend thousands just for the same knowledge.

The one really cool thing about MP45 is that you have no monthly commitments or hidden fees whatsoever. You buy it and you can keep it forever. The MP45 program is one of the best-selling workout programs on the market. It’s different than the usual “workout at home” program because it’s for the gym.

MP45 focuses on the principle of High-Intensity Stimulation Training (H.I.S.T.). It takes a powerlifter’s workout with a sprinter’s workout and replicates a modification of a sprinter’s intensity workout and a powerlifter’s volume stimulation workout together in one. Yes, this sounds really hardcore, but the intensity only increases gradually over the course of 45 days. It fits a complete beginner just like it fits the advanced or even experts out there.

This workout aims to provide awe-inspiring results in the shortest period of time to build strength and power while getting you ripped in the process.

Many people go to the gym without a real sense of direction –I know I get distracted or unmotivated if I don’t have a trainer or a plan of action. You want to know exactly which exercises to do and how to perform the workouts properly. While I love my trainer, they cost a lot of money. MP45 was created so you can finally go to the gym and not have to worry if you are actually getting a good workout.

You no longer have to worry about spending tons of money for personal trainers or other fitness plans. With MP45, your entire gym schedule and meal plans are all mapped out for you in an easy-to-follow guide.

The Exercise Program

MP45 starts off with a gradual approach, beginning with the foundations of simple exercises. As the 45 days continue and you get stronger, the workouts get more difficult. These more advanced workouts utilize the most muscle fibers to stimulate your body to incredible growth.

I was impressed with the program. It was full of many compound exercises like squats, push-ups, and rows, mixing in things like bicep curls along the way. The cardio portion is a lot of high-intensity interval training (sprinting exercises) which are the exact things needed to rev up your metabolism and burn fat faster.

The program gradually builds as it goes on, getting harder as you get stronger. I think the whole program overall was well thought out and comprehensive.


The plan tells you what to eat for every meal and snack for every day of the 45-day period. The plan has you eating every two to three hours, including pre- and post-workout meals, which is perfect.

The main foods consisted of things I already eat – eggs, grilled chicken, fruits, veggies and fish, just to name a few. There is also enough variety in the meals to keep you from getting bored of eating the same thing day after day.


This was a big thumbs up. You get a ton of great information regarding fitness and nutrition. Besides the workout and diet itself, you also get tons of reading material on diet and training. The information covers things like exercises for each body part, cardio, HIIT cardio, how to burn fat, protein, pre-workout nutrition – the list goes on. I loved that it was all right there on my phone so I could read while I was waiting for the bus or in line at the grocery store. Very convenient.


MP45 is made for the gym, which means you’re not limited to the equipment, space, and isolation of your home when moving through the workouts. It is also simple and quick to download, and you can pull it up on your phone for easy reference while at the gym.

MP45 also gives you the chance to try different types of workouts you might not have otherwise tried. You’ll end up doing a little bit of everything, and it switches up from day to day, so things stay interesting and it doesn’t feel repetitive.

Going through 45 days of physical training and following a diet plan is hard. But if you know that going in, and you’re mentally and physically prepared for it, it won’t be nearly as hard as it seems. The key to success is to stick with it. Don’t skip days, and don’t work ahead. If you can make it through the plan, you’ll notice a huge difference.

If you are a person that needs direction in the gym, then I suggest giving MP45 a whirl. It’s one of the only gym workout programs that will detail everything to do, exercise by exercise, set by set, to get you in amazing shape in only 45 days.

This is a great training plan for gym beginners or even people who are more experienced. You’ll have all the proper muscle-building routines and fat-burning workouts when it comes to your weightlifting. The cardio workouts are not boring and will keep you engaged throughout the whole routine.


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