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Spearmint Essential Oil

Spearmint essential oil is obtained from the spear-shaped and bright green colored leaves of the Mentha Spicata herb. The oil is sweet and fragrant as well as delicious and it is milder than the peppermint and therefore is ideal to be used for sensitive people and children even. The...

3 Best Essential Oils for Skin

If you are someone who always tries to use natural remedies whenever possible, chances are you know about essential oils already. Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular on the market due to the health benefits they bring and the many ways they can be used as natural remedies. You don’t...

Basil Oil: A Small Guide

Basil leaves, stems and flowers have been used since centuries in cuisines and recipes around the globe while its essential oil is used for many health benefits as it has strong healing properties. But it is not in the dried or fresh form only that basil has proven to...