3 Best Essential Oils for Skin

If you are someone who always tries to use natural remedies whenever possible, chances are you know about essential oils already. Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular on the market due to the health benefits they bring and the many ways they can be used as natural remedies.

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the benefits of using essential oils. Some of the oils are very straightforward to use and their benefits are just as easy to understand. In this article, we are going to take a look at popular essential oils and how they can benefit your skin and your body.

Lemon Oil

We use lemons for various things. They can be used to treat dry skin, especially after a long day in the sun. You can also use lemon as a source of vitamin C for when you feel symptoms of a cold creeping in. Lemon oil amplifies these benefits – and more – thanks to its concentrated nature.

For starters, you can use lemon oil as an antibacterial and antiseptic agent. The fresh scent of this essential oil has makes it even better when used to clean parts of your body, particularly your face. When diluted, lemon oil is also a great skin care option. It has anti-inflammatory properties and will help keep your skin healthy and flexible.

Let’s not forget that the fresh scent of lemon is very relaxing. It is not uncommon to use lemon oil as a stress relief. Get a vaporizer and add two or three drops of lemon oil to it before you go to sleep at night.

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil is the second essential oil we’re going to look at in this article. It is made by distilling lemongrass, allowing the essential oil to have the same sweet and herbal aroma of the herb. In its oil form, lemongrass oil is an incredible antibacterial agent that you can use to treat wounds, inflammation, and other common problems.

At the same time, lemongrass oil is great for removing fungal and microbial problems. When your scalp gets itchy after an intense workout or you have a dandruff problem, for example, you can use lemongrass oil as a natural remedy.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is an essential oil that can be used to treat a wide range of health issues. According to Health Row, eucalyptus oil is one of the most effective remedies for stuffy noses and the common cold. One deep breath of eucalyptus oil and you will have clear passageways almost instantly.

Eucalyptus oil has a strong scent to it, but don’t let it scare you. When diffused, eucalyptus oil can also help alleviate a headache, reduce stress, and improve your mood in general. You get that sense of freshness and cleanliness when the entire room smells like eucalyptus.

Other essential oils are no less interesting. Peppermint oil is great for headaches, while rosemary oil can help boost your immune system. We are going to talk about them in future articles, so keep checking for new posts!


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