5 Best Essential Oils for Diabetes

Even if you are taking medications and insulin to treat diabetes and regulate the sugar levels in your blood, there is no denying the harmful effects diabetes can have on your body. You need to find treatments that would regenerate your internal body naturally and reverse the effects of insulin resistance on your body. This is where you can use essential oils to help you in your agenda. Packed with a lot of health benefits, most of the essential oils we have around us are particularly good for diabetes. Depending on the type of diabetes you suffer from, the types of essential oils will change accordingly too.

Essential oils meant for diabetes type 2

For people with type 2 diabetes, it helps to control the levels of blood sugar levels. These essential oils have proven to be really effective in making this possible.

Walnut oil combined with olive oil

The combination of olive oil (extra virgin) with walnut essential oil has proven to be really beneficial in controlling type 2 diabetes. Walnut oil makes the extra virgin oil smell better and thus can be used in salads with it. The excessive use of olive oil is the reason why people living in the Mediterranean region are less prone to diabetes.

Onion essential oil

Onion is really helpful when it comes to stabilizing the sugar levels in the blood, using insulin more efficiently and eliminating the need for medicine for the regulation of diabetes. This is why its essential oil tends to be really helpful for people suffering from the disease. It can be applied or used in baths. However, since it has a strong smell and taste to it, one wouldn’t advise you to ingest it unless you have a strong affinity for onions.

Cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon is commonly used in desserts for a variety of reasons. While they do give those dishes a distinct smell and taste, cinnamon helps manage type 2 diabetes too. It is also effective against obesity and this further helps manage the glucose levels in the bloodstream. Cinnamon can be used in its raw form or in form of oil. Either way, it is supposed to be really good for diabetes and keeping your weight in check.

The oil can be mixed with coconut oil and applied to the skin, directly inhaled or ingested after diluting it with water or honey. Since the essential oil is really strong on its own, it is advised that you do not use it directly in any form.

Essential oils from nuts

Nuts on their own are good sources of minerals, vitamins and healthy fats in the body. People who do not suffer from diabetes, these nuts help manage the glucose levels in the blood. The unsaturated fatty acids in nuts help reverse the body’s resistance to nuts and improve the overall health. Walnut and almond oils can help reduce appetite and help you stay away from unhealthy foods. This allows you to monitor your weight and brings positive changes in your diet.

Essential oils for type 1 diabetes

The real cause of type 1 diabetes is not yet known but when it comes to treatment we follow the same methodology as type 2. This is why people are recommended to use natural treatments as a part of their routine to monitor and regulate their glucose levels. Some of the essential oils that really help with type 1 are :

  • Clove oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Thyme oil

You can also make your own blends of these oils to help you fight off the effects of diabetes. These oils help detox the body, regulate the weight and monitor the body’s usage of insulin. Diabetes is a disease that often lasts some people their whole lives. Its management and control thus become difficult. Natural treatments are easier to carry out and if used the right way can have long-lasting effects on the body.


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