10 Best Antibacterial Essential Oils Option in 2024

As diseases evolve, antibiotics become weak. Today, many bacteria resist then-useful antibiotics like Penicillin or Erythromycins. Moreover, researchers have observed that this resistance will continue to develop and even stronger antibiotics will become useless.

So, to treat more common diseases and bacterial infections, it is advised to take a more natural route, to make sure antibiotics don’t fail to help your body when required in extreme conditions.

One of the true natures’ gifts is Essential Oils. Not only are they aromatherapeutic and refreshing, but most of them are also skillfully equipped by nature to sweep away fungi, bacteria, and even viruses. Their application and inhalation are beneficial to the human body in a number of ways. This is the reason for their ever-growing popularity.

To help you with the task of learning the properties and buying different Essential Oils, we have compiled a list of 10 most potent antibacterial essential oils!

Tea Tree Essential Oil:

Tea Tree Oil is obtained from the needle-like leaves of a plant of the same name grown in Australia. In olden times, it was used as a substitute for aromatic tea.

Nowadays, Tea Tree extract is found in most herbal medicines such as antibiotics and antifungal creams. It has become pretty common because of its undoubtedly effective antibacterial properties.

Whether it is applied externally, inhaled through a mist or ingested in very small amounts, Tea Tree Oil will show its magical healing abilities by fighting off the strong bacteria. That’s why it is nature’s strongest antibiotic.

The oil can heal hundreds of skin diseases, including eczema, acne, athlete’s foot, psoriasis, warts, and ringworm. It can also be used on wounds and insect bites to prevent infections! It should be used together with coconut or jojoba oils, diluting its potency.

Another great quality of this oil is its anti-inflammatory healing. Tea Tree Oil can easily soothe inflamed skin, and cause swelling and redness to go away quickly!

Tea Tree Oil is also a common house disinfectant and could be used with vinegar or lemon juice and oil.

We picked the Tea Tree Oil from POYA, an Australian manufacturer. Their product is 100% pure and straight from the fields! You can buy this from Amazon, at just $14.99.

Cinnamon Essential Oil:

Cinnamon Leaf Oil has one of the strongest antibacterial properties of any oil. But it has one upper hand; it tastes good and is safe to ingest without the prescription of a herbalist.

It is a great idea to add a few drops of Cinnamon Oil to your food. You can use it in your drinks, snacks, baked goods, toothpaste and even deodorants! Not only does it give a spicy fragrance, but is beneficial as an antiseptic.

Cinnamon Oil as an ingredient in food has biological benefits too! It enhances the immune system, detoxifies the bad elements, helps relieve bellyache and ulcer, acts as an antidepressant, soothes a sore throat, promotes hair growth, boosts brain function, improves blood circulation and helps in weight loss!

Our pick for the best Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil is by Garden of Green. It is organic and trusted the product, having favorable reviews. It is available on Amazon for only $8.95.

Thyme Essential Oil:

The thyme plant is an evergreen shrub with scented leaves and vibrant purple-pink flowers. The leaves of the plant produce the very-useful oil.

Thyme Oil has many antiseptic characteristics and is quite often used in mouthwashes and toothpaste. It is a great disinfectant, protecting teeth from plaque and decay.

Not only that, along with its antifungal qualities, it can also act efficiently against harmful bacteria. It can treat many skin diseases when used topically on wounds, scrapes or infected area with coconut or jojoba oil. It is especially the best cure for bacterial vaginosis.

A few drops can also be added to an inhaler, as it gives invigorating effects such as treating common cold and insomnia. It can also be used internally if described by a doctor to kill tapeworms and maggots.

Our pick for the best and purest Thyme Oil is by Prana Organic Plant Oils. The certified product can be bought through Amazon for $8.50.

Oregano Essential Oil:

Oregano is popularly used in Italian food, but little does anyone know that its oil can be extracted, which is a great antioxidant and antibiotic!

One of the many benefits of this oil is the ability to help you shed some pounds and kill bad cholesterol. The oil contains Thymol, an antifungal agent and Carvacrol, an antibiotic agent.

The topical use, inhalation and ingestion have plenty of strengthening benefits. It can be a fruitful remedy for urinary tract, respiratory tract, and intestinal yeast infections.

Oregano oil is shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it gave rise to groundbreaking research; it can also destroy small, newly-born cancer cells. It is also a pain reliever.

The best organic Oregano Oil displayed on Amazon is by Sheer Essence. The trusted brand sells this extraordinary solution for $6.85.

Peppermint Essential Oil:

Peppermint is a pretty well-known herb. From your toothpaste to the Christmas cane, you can observe that peppermint is involved. But what about its oil?

Peppermint Oil has been used for millennia due to healing capabilities. Apart from the strongly fresh aroma, it is also a great disinfectant and pain reliever.

Besides the usual antibacterial qualities, Peppermint Oil is great for muscle aches. Not just that, the oil is a top-notch remedy for seasonal allergies, viral infections and painful joints. Even tumors are known to decrease in size after its application. Oral health cannot be maintained without peppermint extract, and even headaches need a cure like this oil!

We chose Pure Peppermint Essential Oil from MALLOOM as the most powerful antibacterial of them all! You can get this for $1.58.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil:

If you think your immune system is feeling down, and you are catching more common sickness, give Eucalyptus Essential Oil ago!

This oil, not justs revitalize your immune system but also acts as a wonderful analgesic compound. It is also believed to have the best respiratory healing factor as it can remedy bronchitis, asthma, cough and sinusitis.

Eucalyptus Oil is a fairly decent topical-use solution. It can be used in first-aid care of wounds and in treating bacterial irritation.

Its use has become very regular, a component in many items from perfumes to cleaning products. The best quality Eucalyptus Oil can be ordered from Ocean Home & Living through Amazon!

Lavender Essential Oil:

Lavender is, for most people, the best fragrance. From room fresheners to perfumes, the scent of lavender is also overpowering the foul smells and giving a whiff of pleasant air.

And its oil is no different. The smell is just too sweet and fragrant. But it’s not the only quality. Remember this is a list for the best antibacterial oils?

Yep, Lavender Oil is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial substance. It can quicken the healing process of burns and open wounds, killing off the pesky bacteria.

It is also a good flavor enhancer in foods, but its winning factor is the antioxidant potential. Not only can it soothe the stomach, help lose weight and increase blood flow, it is also a natural kidney and liver function regulator.

The Lavender Essential Oil by MALLOOM is totally pure and edible and only costs $1.58.

Lemongrass Essential Oil:

Lemongrass is generally used in cooking, soaps, skin care items and herbal medicines. What’s rare is the use of its oil, despite its unique qualities!

Lemongrass Oil is a super-strong antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal material. It can cure even strong diseases like pneumonia and blood infections!

It is efficacious for skin infections, intestinal infections, ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, gingivitis and gastric ulcers!

Furthermore, it is known to help with easing during diseases like diarrhea. The oil can also regulate blood level and reduce cholesterol.

It is also herbally used to relieve anxiety and nervous difficulties. What more can you want!

The best Lemongrass Oil can be purchased at Amazon, from Ocean Home & Living! It should be used in a smaller ratio with coconut, almond or jojoba oils!

Clove Essential Oil:

Seen clove in your food and put it on the side of your plate? You missed out on a ton of health benefits. But thankfully, you can still get yourself Clove Oil!

Combined with honey, it is the most efficient treatment of acne and skin infections. Clove Oil is also called the ultimate dental solution, from clearing bacteria and plaque to strengthening gums.

Clove Oil is a marvelous digestive aid too, treating ulcers and cramps. It can also boost heart health and give strength to your immune system. The antioxidants also help in clearing the body of undesirable fat.

You can buy the best Clove Oil from Amazon. The Sheer Essence Clove Oil is organic and prices at about $7.12.

Grapefruit Essential Oil:

Lastly, we have an unexpected choice; the Grapefruit Essential Oil. Most of the people are not aware of its benefits or uses, and that is why we’re here to help!

Grapefruit’s more widely-popular uses are related to detoxifying and weight loss, but it’s also a tough antibacterial material!

It is superb at disinfecting skin from viruses and bacterial infections such as acne. Along with those benefits, it can be used as an immune system strengthening agent. Grapefruit Oil can even fight cancerous cells!

Grapefruit oil can be added to any food item, and it will immediately fight against and antimicrobial activity, preserving the edible. It can also disinfect water to protect you against bacteria!

The purest Grapefruit Oil is concentrated by Sheer Essence. Go buy yourself this amazing antioxidant through Amazon, only pricing at $6.57.


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