10 Most Common Keto Diet Mistakes That You Do!

In 2018, ketogenic diet is one of the most popular diet to be followed all around the world. It is basically a low carb diet, where the body and produces “ketones” in the liver and these ketones are utilized as the primary energy source for the body. This whole process is known as “ketosis”.Now ever since the keto diet gained popularity people have been following this all over the globe. Also, there have been many mistakes made by people while following the ketogenic diet. So, In this article we have going to cover the “10 most common mistakes” made while following a “ketogenic diet”.

Keto Diet Mistake 1: Obsession with the Weight scale

There have been multiple quotes by multiple people all over the internet where they have claimed to have lost “4 pounds or 6 pounds of body weight in one Week”.

As a result, you will see a lot of people starting with the keto diet and getting disheartened as every human body reacts differently and eventually the results are not similar. So, people start to weigh themselves and start to consider this as a success. This makes them being addicted to the weight scale.This turns out to be disheartening for many people and they quit their diet program.

Now, Don’t consider the track of your weight as the measure of success. Taking the measurements once in a week is enough for you to monitor the results of your dieting program which the weight scale is not able to show.

Keto Diet Mistake 2:  Eating the Wrong Fats

As the keto diet is the high fat and high protein diet. People often get confused and start to consume the wrong fats over the healthy sources of fats.

The wrong fats:
Eating the wrong fats is one of the most common mistakes made by people while following the ketogenic diet. The best example of the wrong fats are the vegetable and seed oils. These oils are processed and they can lead multiple health problems such as the increased risk of heart disease, Increased risk of cancer, Spike in the LDL cholesterol levels.

There are multiple good fats available in this world that can be used in order to fulfill the keto diet macros.

Keto Diet Mistake 3: Not consuming enough fats

One of the most common problems and hardest adjustments in the ketogenic diet for a people is to make sure that they consume enough fats.
The root cause of the problem is that people are not used to eating such high amounts of fats. Also, it can be a struggle in order to find the good fats that you need to eat. So, In order to have a successful ketogenic diet, it is mandatory to have the right and enough fats to fulfill the macros for the day.

Keto Diet Mistake 4: No Meal Planning

Another problem is that people don’t meal plan while following a ketogenic diet. Lack of meal planning leads people to not get their macros right for the day and hence resulting in improper nutrition for the day. Also, while there is no meal planning people eat some junk food and body comes out of ketosis.
Hence meal planning saves from such situations. Also, it is great to save money as well. It also keeps track of all the macronutrients for the body and helps in keeping the diet going.

Keto Diet Mistake 5: Eating Too Much Protein

This is a myth among all the people that is you eat the high amount of protein then the muscle gain would be phenomenal. Though eating high amounts of protein is good for muscle growth. The main problem with eating too much protein while following the ketogenic diet is that the body is using fats as the primary source of energy, protein is required only to maintain the muscle mass.
Many people don’t know that the body utilizes the protein only that it needs in order to gain or maintain the muscle mass. Also when you need too much the body end s converting that protein into glucose which can result in increasing your blood sugar levels and eventually your body will come out of ketosis because of this.

Keto Diet Mistake 6: Looking for Some Alternative fix

The reality of ketogenic diet is that it is a lifestyle and it has to be followed accordingly. You can’t follow the Keto to lose few pounds and then return to your old habits i.e. your old lifestyle because the moment you do to so you’re back at the beginning again.
Keto is a way of living and if you are looking for a quick fix then you can simply remove the sugars that you consume every day and track your macros, This can help in having a healthy drop in weight in the overall body weight.

Keto Diet Mistake 7: Comparing yourself with others

When it comes to human body transformation, No one can guarantee the exact same results for everyone. Your body is different and reacts differently in comparison with others. The results will show but the time in which you can reach to that level differs from person to person.

Weight loss is one of the prime benefits of the Keto diet. But the rate at which a person loses weight can be entirely different from the rate at which another person loses weight because there are too many factors that are involved when it comes to results in the ketogenic diet.

Keto Diet Mistake 8: Not drinking enough Water

The human body is made up of 70% of water. Thus, It is quite evident that you cannot survive without water.  Now, while following a keto diet many people get it wrong and they just focus on the protein and fat from their diet and they completely ignore the fact of drinking more water every day. Drinking sufficient amount of water has done wonders for many people.
Starting with the keto lifestyle also refers to drinking more water than you usually use to drink earlier. It is very important to be in a discipline to drink water at regular intervals of time. It is suggested to always keep a water bottle of known volume i.e. capacity to hold water with yourself and drink water at regular intervals of time. Also, it is always recommended to drink around 0.5 OZ to 1 OZ of water per pound of body weight.

Keto Diet Mistake 9: Not Getting Enough Sleep

Just Like drinking water is very important for the body. Similarly getting enough sleep is equally important for you. As it gives our body the time relax and recover and get ready for the next day. Lack of sleep can also lead to laziness and eating junk food for the quick energy to sustain throughout the day.

Keto Diet Mistake 10: Going it all alone by Yourself

It is not easy to change to change your lifestyle. But if there is the right mindset, discipline, and right support system then it can be done very easily. Your family and loved ones should understand that you are in the keto lifestyle and you are willing to stick to it.

Because the last thing you want to do is to go out with and have some temptations for the junk food presented on the table. So, The Support of your loved ones is very necessary in order to live a healthy keto lifestyle.

How to Fix these Mistakes

None of the above-mentioned mistakes are the ones that you can’t overcome. Even if you make such mistakes it does not mean that you can’t live the keto lifestyle. You can start over again and put the lessons from your mistakes into implementation and live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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