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4 Fitness Gadgets to Help Drop the Pounds


It seems that 2015 is officially the year of the fitness gadget, as the technology that does all the hard work for us has never been so popular.

From wearables, trackers and apps, the tech fit amalgamation has meant that no matter our goals to improve a healthy lifestyle or simply kick a habit, there is a gadget for all. And it’s no longer just the big brands getting on the band wagon.

With the trend increasing for active tech no matter your budget there is a tool to fit your price bracket. So what do you need to drop those extra pounds?

Get a Fitbit

Since its launch onto the market back in 2007, Fitbit have only just begun to dominate the fitness tech industry, as the release of their Fitbit flex, has catapulted them to the top of the must have gadget list.

Tracking everything from calorie intake, steps taken, activity and sleep. It’s a simple gadget that requires nothing except for you to wear it and back it up to your phone or PC.

Designed in a modern unisex wristband format, you can barely tell it’s a tech gadget, as it doesn’t have the usual bold colours of tech wear.

If you’re looking to give yourself a fitness overhaul then this could be the simple accessory you need to help you achieve your goals.

Of course as with any new technology always ensure to read the varying reviews such as this one, as the trials and tests it’s been put through can help you understand whether it’s the worthy investment you need for your own personal targets.

Quit the Habit

Smoking can be one the hardest habits to kick, but it’s one that is the most essential to your long term health.

Despite the arguments across the health sector regarding e-cigarettes, you can’t deny that the devices have helped many people stop smoking who perhaps would have found it difficult using the more traditional methods.

However with the advances in Ecig technology and the huge variety in vapour flavours such as these, it’s no surprise that this has become the most popular way for those looking to give up on the bad habit once and for all.

Slow Down

We all know that subconsciously we often take a few more mouthfuls of food than we really need to. Subconscious eating can make us pile on the pounds without even realising we’re actively doing it, but this can often be just a small trick to cutting down on the calories.

Rushing our meals, or not having enough time to eat properly are all common excuses.

However technology has been combined with our cutlery draw with this gastro gadget as the Hapifork is designed to watch our eating habits for us.

Calculating the pace at which we eat our favourite food, the Hapifork will vibrate if it feels we’re eating too fast.

We all know that it’s not often what we’re eating that’s the problem but the way that we’re eating it.  So this clever fork will help to make you eat smarter, slower and feel better.

After all, nobody really likes the feeling of being excessively full after a meal.

Enjoy It

Of course whilst we’re working up a sweat in the gym, there needs to be some enjoyment found in all the hard work and effort that you’re putting in.

Music is supposedly the rhythm of life, so keep the good vibes flowing in every element of your workout with Bose Sport Earphones.

They may set you back a pretty price, but if you’re serious about having the best atmosphere during your workouts, then these are not only waterproof, but also created with ear tips that will not fall out during any resistant activity.

So now you’ve seen the best that fitness tech has got to offer, it’s time to get on the treadmill and start hitting those targets.


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