What are wellness trends in 2024?

When it comes to health, people are ready to do anything to stay fit and fine.Nowadays, the emphasis is more on the long-term sustainability of good health by making healthy lifestyle changes rather than just focusing on temporary goals.

Also, there is a change in people’s perspective towards health. Now the focus is on the overall health (including the mental health also) instead of just sticking to the conventional weight loss goals.One important shift in health and wellness is the inclusion of mental wellness as well. Now it is believed that a happy mind leads to a happy body. So, health and wellness are no longer just about exercising and eating healthy food, as it has a much deeper value that includes positivity, relaxation, mindfulness, and self-care.

Now, as the health and wellness trends of 2016 are out, so let’s check out what can we expect in the year 2017:

  • Inflammation-fighting products will be popular:

Health problems like bloating, acne and certain medical conditions are associated with indigestion and inflammation. Hence, the inflammation-fighting foods are gaining popularity. Turmeric lattes and ginger teas will be the hottest trending anti-inflammatory drinks. Many healthy foods items like zucchini, cauliflower rice, nuts, etc. will be used to replace inflammatory ingredients like gluten, grains, and dairy.

  • Wellness vacations:

Many travel companies have designed wellness vacation packages in association with fitness professionals. These vacations are not limited to regular workout only as they give you an overall experience of healthy living.Starting from healthy eating, massages, yoga to meditation and personalised workouts, these wellness vacations are designed to rejuvenate your all senses.

With no stress to follow the hectic daily schedule, these vacations promise to give a truly relaxing and self-care experience.

  • No more makeups:

Many women are ditching their makeup and joining the #no makeup movement. They have finally realised that they look more beautiful without covering their glowing skin in layers of cosmetics. Many celebrity women are joining this movement by wearing no makeup and happily posting pictures on social media these days.

This is a positive movement which has made women finally realise that their unique and elegant features are what make them beautiful. So, the real and natural beauty is going to be the hottest trending topic this year.

  • Sober socialising:

When you start incorporating healthy foods and daily workout in your lifestyle, your glass of wine takes a back seat. There are many places which have started offering herbal drinks and wellness shots instead of booze.

  • Wellness coaching:

Unlike personal training, wellness training focuses more on the mental aspects like relaxation, goal setting, etc. Many personal trainers are incorporating wellness coaching with their fitness training to improve the overall health of the body and mind.

  • Wearable technology:

Even though the wearable technology was one of the hottest trends last year, it shall continue this year also with more advanced technologies. Though smart watches and fitness gears will be popular this year as well, other reliable sophisticated fitness items like heart rate monitors, sleep monitors, step counters and mobile apps, and much more will join them.

  • Cleaner beauty products:

Women have become more aware when it comes to beauty products. They are checking on the labels to know what goes into their skin. Now they prefer organic beauty products,over chemically loaded skin care products.

  • Plant proteins:

As an increasing number of people are turning into vegetarians, in 2017 also more people will look forward to plant-sourced proteins. They will try to educate themselves about plant-sourced proteins and various sources of it instead of just being dependent on meat based proteins.

Health and wellness are the two imperative parts of a sustainable future, and it is necessary for people to stay healthy and hale— both physically and mentally in order to thrive in the life. Most of the above-listed trends are about going back to our roots. It is all about a minimalist way of living, i.e. using only pure, real, and natural products for preparing food as well as for applying to the skin.

While the above trends would ensure the complete wellbeing, it makes sense to go for a comprehensive health insurance policy in case something goes wrong. While the medical advancement has increased the lifespan of people, it has also made healthcare expensive. To get protection against soaring medical costs, one should buy a mediclaim policy which will take care of expenses during hospitalisation. Given the fact that healthcare expenses are skyrocketing, you can go for a super top-up policy also to expand your current health cover. It will make the payment when the threshold limit of your main health policy is over. You can buy the cover even if you don’t have any mediclaim policy.

Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it: Josh Billings

At a time, when most of us are struggling with strict deadlines as well as juggling home and office, it is necessary to make wellness trends de rigueur. Be mindful and stay fit!


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