Copper Fit Balance Insoles Review [2024]

Copper Fit Balance is a shoe insert designed in order to increase stability and balance. It is a shoe insert that has been designed in a way to maintain good posture. Also, it is very helpful in relief from foot pain. It is available on Amazon, Following are the mentioned features of the product:

  • Low profile
  • Can fit in all types of shoes.
  • Helpful in improving stability, posture and alignment of your body.
  • Can reduce body aches, pain, odors.
  • Provides Relief from plantar fasciitis.

Copper Fit Balance – The review

The device is available online at $29.99 with free shipping included. But the product is available at lower prices in sports goods stores in las vegas for $25. The product is an insole that is used in order to promote balance, alignment, and posture.

In case someone has been suffering from overpronation & has been into using the orthotic insoles in the past. Basically, overpronation and underpronation is basically a condition where the foot doesn’t the surface flush, but more on the other side. This is can also lead to foot pain and many other problems. Orthotic inserts are the most common solution to the problem.

When it comes to Insoles it varies from inexpensive insoles that are available in the drug store brands and custom-made insoles that can cost hundreds of dollars. The Cooper Fit Balance has been priced in the middle of the OTC pack along with free shipping. The price of the product is actually very good. After taxation, it can end up to $27.

The product includes a guide in order to cut it to the preferred size. This took me about a minute to do. This can take you a minute or two to understand. The Cooper Fit balance is said to work for any kind of shoe. You just need to remove the existing insole from your shoes and put the Copper Fit insoles in the device.

The Copper Fit Balance is a well-made product and delivers a great balance between the hardness and softness of the insole itself. The raised sole provides comfort and support. I have taken several long walks with the Cooper Fit Balance in place. Found at my knee and foot don.t hurt as they normally do without insoles.

The unfortunate reality of ordering an insole online is that the experience may differ from person to person. What may work for you would not work for someone else. We would suggest that you should go locally go and check out this product.

We can’t assure you that the Copper Fit Balance is actually as revolutionary as it is advertised, but most of you would find it well made and effective insole. It can be used with shoes with removable insoles and we were quite happy with the results.


There are various insoles available that help in having a better balance and posture. It is available from many brands such as New Balance and Super feet. Also, The Insole from Powerstep which costs $23 is also very impressive and rated very well on by its customers.

Final Verdict

The product is very effective and can be used in order to promote better balance and posture. We recommend that you should try this product as it came out as very effective at the price it is offered.


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