5 Best Probiotics for Constipation and Weight Loss

Having stomach problems makes it difficult for us to work with full concentration also damper’s our ability to live a happy and better life. As we eat foods sometimes from anywhere without noticing their ingredients and without looking whether are hygienic or not. This leads to plagued them into digestive problems due to toxins and chemicals from the surroundings and environment. Sometimes improper diet and eating routine and habits causes serious digestive problems and the most common digestion problem is constipation.


It’s a common but a bit yucky topic but anyways if you are suffering from constipation there is nothing to worry about because you are not alone, many people suffer from constipation thus it is a very common problem among people. According to research about 25% of people, mostly adults suffer from constipation.

Hence constipation is said to be having less than three bowel movements actually in a week. These are the few symptoms of constipation such as cramps, hard dry and small stools, having difficulty and straining to pass stool, bloating of stomach and seating quit longer in the toilet as having felt that you haven’t emptied bowls completely.

While there are many reasons and causes of constipation some are, medication, having a low fiber diet, having an imbalance, or hormonal disorders.

For this reason, many health researchers have found that probiotics can really be helpful for avoiding and giving complete relief from constipation. as probiotics change the type of bacteria in our gut and made a more gut-friendly type and produce more lactate, a short chain of fatty acids in our gut. Due to this, it increases the acidity of our gut which plays a quite beneficial part in increasing bowel movements and decreases the amount of time for which our body waste stays in our gut.


Getting simple for you to understand, there are different strains, within probiotics and each strain has its own potential to deal with different kinds of health issues.

Same as like this there are some of the strains which are quite beneficial and helpful for constipation.


Lactobacillus is a common but yet useful bacteria species. These bacteria live in our small intestine and have a duty to produce lactase which has a function to break down sugar in milk. There are some of useful strains of lactobacillus which can assist constipation problems.


This is another helpful bacteria species that live in our large intestine which has a duty to protect our body safe from harmful bacteria and micro-organisms. Its useful strains are:


There are many best probiotics that are based on these helpful strains and some are these best probiotics products which are mentioned below, are considered as the best according to customer reviews, the company’s reputation reviews.


The Philip’s colon health supplement contains per serving about a total 1.5 billion CFU and 3 strains of bacteria. According to the manufacturer, this probiotic is designed to prevent the major problem of constipation also diarrhea, gas, and bloating of the stomach.

Another good thing about this probiotic is that only one capsule is needed per day and can be taken with laxatives. Hence this product contains both the bacterial strains of bacteria Bifidobacterium which includes bifidum and longum.


This product is beneficial for women out there, as this supplement contains total about 15 billion CFUs per serving also contains 1 strain of bacteria which is bacillus coagulans. Not only this also contains prebiotics. According to the manufacturer, this product is designed to prevent constipation also will support your digestive system, ultimately your colon health will also become better.

The good thing about this product is that only one tablet is needed for a single day. While the product also contains a fair amount of live cultures per single-capsule which is another good feature of this supplement.


As nutrition essentials are already well known in the supplement industry and popular for creating and producing high-quality products, which are all effective. Their #1 probiotic supplement also receives a wide amount of good customer reviews and from medical practitioners. Made in the USA is also GMP certified. Also, the product contains the highest number of CFUs per serving. Another good thing about this product that it is safe and does not includes any fillers, binders, and artificial preservatives. Not only this the company offers a money-back guarantee.


The Schwartz has been holding a good reputation in the probiotics and supplement business for almost many years. All of their products are proven to be effective due to the reason that the product includes about 40 billion CFUs which ultimately makes the product 20 times more effective and helpful.

The product has high potential as it is developed by professionals. The product is USA-based and gives a guaranteed potent until the expiration date of the product. Hence the product is gluten-free so there is no need to refrigerate the product. Thus, the product is friendly to our body.


This product is effective but has a unique design among other products, as they are small in design and are soft which makes them easy to swallow and friendly products. Thus the product contains only two strains of probiotics which makes a balanced digestive system, also the product is helpful as it protects against gas and bloating of the stomach, and diarrhea.

Another good thing about the product is that it is gluten-free, yeast-free, sugar, salt, wheat, corn and other ingredients that may cause sensitivity or allergic reactions in the body hence the product is completely safe. While the overall product is good and has great attributes but some of the consumers have experienced acid reflux so before using this supplement consult your doctor first


People are moving towards probiotics as they provide many benefits to our health whether for constipation and other digestive issues or overall body health issues. Not only the above-mentioned supplements are the only best ones you can find others too, as there are so many best supplements in the markets and online. So before going towards any of the mentioned supplements, we will suggest you explore other supplements too or consult your doctor first before buying any probiotic.


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