10 Best Antibacterial Ointment for Tattoos and Wounds

The first thing we all worry about after accidentally injuring or wounding ourselves is an infection. The best idea that comes to our mind is rushing to the washroom and cleaning the cut or bruised skin.

But just washing the gash doesn’t prevent infections, and plain bandages are not effective in keeping germs at bay. One other thing of importance is that many antibacterial solutions don’t affect the variety of harmful bacteria present on wounds.

Because we care about your health, we have assembled a list of highly recommended first-aid ointments:

* Please note that it is best to consult a doctor before including any of these products in your daily routines. These are the best antibacterial ointments for first-aid remedial procedures.

  • Neosporin Pain Relief Antibiotic Ointment:

Our top pick for a complete first-aid solution is the Neosporin Maximum Strength Pain Relief Antibiotic Ointment. The ointment has all the compounds required in an efficacious emergency treatment item.

The product is manufactured with Bacitracin Zinc, a chemical widely used to swiftly affect wounds and scrapes and stop any chances of a bacterial infection. It also contains Neomycin sulfate and polymyxin B for quick recovery.

The formula is no-sting and easy-to-apply. Its contents also include pramoxine hydrochloride, a common pain reliever, helping soothe the burning sensations present in cuts and gashes.

The composition also prevents scarring. It shows a maximum effect if applied more than twice a day, and works better if covered under a bandage. It is also advised to wash the affected area before its usage.

This total remedy is best for fast healing against the influence of bacteria, having a thousand strongly positive comments. Moreover, it costs just $7.96 for a pack of 1oz through the Amazon store.

  • Bacitracin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment:

Another fast remedial ointment with stellar reviews would be the Bacitracin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment.

The product contains Bacitracin, which is a medical compound for pain relief treatment.

The product aims to reduce inflammation caused by vicious bacteria present in your wounds. Its swift action soothes the cuts and scrapes and kills all the microbes at work.

The ointment is also effective for burns and treats burnt skin with its incredible soothing power.

This product has pleased many consumers and costs very low. It can be bought from Amazon for just $4.36 for a single ½ oz. pack.

  • Polyactil-N Skin Protectant Gel Ointment:

A lot of ointments and gels successfully kill the harmful bacteria, but in the process, end up getting rid of the beneficial microbes. But not Polyactil-N Skin Protectant Gel!

This ointment is an excellent first aid measure for any cuts, scrapes, wounds, bacterial infections or burns. It is free from the harsh steroids and hormones, and promotes the thriving of good bacteria, unlike others who tend to kill the delicate microbes as well.

With that said, it is still very strong against the infectious microbes and protects the vulnerable skin. The product also uses healthy elements to restore the skin. The inactive ingredients are created based on their Bio-Harmony standard.

This gel is also water-based, meaning it will not only be soothing, but easily penetrable between the tissues with its extreme rehydratable properties. Since it is fragrance-free, cortizone-free, and doesn’t contain any additives, it can be used on sensitive skin as well.

This naturally-healing ointment is available at Amazon for only $25.00.

  • Antiseptic Salve:

A salve is any ointment with extra healing properties, and the Antiseptic Salve by W.T Rawleigh one of the best at this job!

The Antiseptic Salve has components that keep wounds and scrapes neat and discourage bacterial infections from spreading. Its readily absorbed by the skin cells and thus, reaches affected areas in a matter of seconds to promote conditions that quicken the process of healing. It also masters the art of pain relief.

This cream is ideal for eczema, blisters, irritated skin, bruises, burns, minor cuts, wounds, toe fungus, and even cracked heels. It can also be used for treating leg ulcers and chipped surfaces.

The formula is gentle for topical use, working the magic even for animals. It can be ordered straight from Amazon for $5.99.

  • Triple Antibiotic First-Aid Ointment:

For those not satisfied with the results of other antibacterial ointments are surely not going to be disappointed by the Triple Antibiotic First-Aid Ointment by Globe Pharmacy. It is reviewed excellently by over a hundred people!

The application of this ointment is full-day protection from bacterial attacks, making it a good option for quick treatment of minor cuts and burns.

This effective and convenient mixture consists of three active antibacterial ingredients to stop the growth of microbes and reduce the sharp pain, redness, and inflammation. The three ingredients are Neomycin, Bacitracin, and Polymyxin.

The ointment can be bought for self-medication and is also available on Amazon for $3.99.

  • PAV Miracle Salve:

Looking for a product that fights both bacteria and fungus? Try the PAV Miracle Salve by EST Health.

This ointment is not only tough against bacterial and fungal infections, but it accelerates the process of skin regeneration. This means that your skin will be covering your cuts and wounds in no time!

The Salve is free from harsh chemical components and promotes only natural healing. The contents include Organic Tree Resin, Olive Oil, and Food Grade Petroleum, making it applicable to sensitive skin.

This item has near-perfect satisfactory rate, and will surely not let you down if you include it in your care. So go, get one from Amazon’s site for $24.00 per oz.

  • Huayang Natural Mint Ointment:

Chinese herbal medicine has always been preferred by many people over modern chemicals due to their organic nature and soothing benefits. That’s why Huayang Natural Mint Ointment is the perfect option for anyone who believes in natural healing.

The contents include different lotuses, flowers, fruits, thorns, mosses and roots obtained from Chinese plants to ensure incomparable natural recovery.

The ointment works best for dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and blister patients. It is also great for mosquito bites, cuts, open wounds, acne, itchiness and foot fungus. The formulation is extremely efficacious on areas affected by bacterial activities and can eradicate any signs of an infection within a day.

The product is a package of nature’s gifts for a strong effect on human skin. You can purchase it from Amazon for $3.79.

  • Eczema Natural Herbal Ointment:

Chinese medicines are very popular due to their invigorating properties, and their unmatchable healing factor. One more amazing Chinese herbal ointment is the Natural Herbal Ointment by Yiitay.

It is specially formulated for eczema patients but effectively treats psoriasis as well.

The product is refined from natural herbal materials. Due to its naturally mild quality, it is applied directly on bacterial and fungal infection, which fights with its antiseptic properties. However, it is best used when layered on a sterilized wound.

The contents aren’t 100% straight from botanical sources, but it largely contains organic substances with laboratory-tested chemicals that are delicate on the skin.

Like its main antibacterial ingredient, chlorhexidine acetate is widely used in the field of medicine for its strong antiseptic quality.

The ointment is shipped straight from Amazon, for $3.22 per tube!

  • Whitfield Ointment:

Many fungal and bacterial infections leave the skin particularly dry and dehydrated. The Whitfield Ointment by Biosense Clinic really helps overcome this common problem.

Whitfield Ointment is very efficient in the cure of tinea, a type of fungus that causes diseases such as Athlete’s foot or ringworms. These infections leave the skin very irritated and dry, that is why the ointment is great for their treatment.

Its components include Benzoic Acid, which has potent antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is applied topically on damaged skin to minimize the chances of an infection.

Salicylic Acid has fungicidal and keratolytic properties. It is also applied externally in the cure of fungal infections.

The product is best used when putting on a washed and dried affected area in a gentle massage. It is advised to not be used if it causes irritation. It shouldn’t be used on broken or inflamed skin as well, it is better in treating infections.

The 100 ml jar can be bought off Amazon for $29.99.

  • Chinese Herbal Extract Antibacterial Ointment:

Our final pick is also a Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese Herbal Extract Ointment by Shouhengda.

The cream is rich in a variety of herbal essence extracts with strong sterilization and antiseptic effects, meaning it can be used for many kinds of skin diseases.

The ointment is useful for patients of dermatitis, eczema, hand and foot sputum, sweat spots, psoriasis, genital itching, acne, balanitis, mosquito bites, blisters, and various other external infections. The constituents of the product are 100% organic botanical ingredients that will not cause inflammation or irritation to the skin.

The cream can also treat skin itching, caused by bacteria on the surface of our epithelial tissue. It should be applied at least twice a day to show benefits.

You can order this ointment from Amazon for just $3.28.


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