Walkfit Platinum Orthotics Reviews [2024]

Walkfit Orthotics is one of the most talked-about products for helping people with foot pain and help in maintaining the correct posture. We have put them to the test and summed up all the points in this review in order to highlight the major points about the products and should the user go for them or not.

WalkFit Orthotics: First Observations

The first impression of the product was not that impressive. The product was so stiff and the arch was very high, all the people in our team had a tough time standing with them in our shoes. So, trying to run these was very tough or rather impossible without hurting our feet.

The product is well made and it came with venting that is featured in every orthotic seems to have these days. The product has a lot of holes for proper ventilation and matches completely with the vents in the three pairs of inserts.

Here the inserts are clearly marked with stickers and mold marks that identify each of them as low, medium, or high. The stickers are also color-coded, also they can be removed in order to uncover the ventilation holes. The left and the right side is also very clearly marked.

The orthotics feature cushioned pads and arch supports that can absorb shock as you walk. This can be especially beneficial for people who walk or stand for extended periods, as it reduces the impact on their feet and joints.

It is suggested that you should remove the existing inserts from your shoes before inserting the WalkFits. These days most shoes have inserts that can be easily pulled out, but still, there are some shoes where the inserts are glued in which can be a problem, but you can anchor all the inserts to the shoes by using the peel-and-stick Velcro dots. 

It is also mentioned that you should give WalkFit Orthotics some time. For example, use them for an hour initially, then you can build up the comfort with the product.

Walking on a no-man land can make you feel annoyed but walking when actually makes you in trouble only WalkFit helps you to relieve your foot pain and correct your walking posture. This swift and costly product is preferred to wearing shoes and has arch support that lets you walk properly and makes you feel comfortable.

What’s Good About Walkfit?

  • All good and comfortable arch supports are indestructible and will last for a very long period of time.
  • They have a well-placed metatarsal pad and can be quite helpful for people with foot pain.
  • Walkfit arch doesn’t even cost you more it is about $20 that shows you how to get good feet. If you are thinking of trying arch supports from these stores, avoid getting ripped off and try the Walkfit instead. In the Walkfit vs. Alzner or Walkfit vs. Good Feet debate, Walkfit wins hands down.

WalkFit Orthotics – The Practical Review

After using the products for one week following are the reviews, we have broken the reviews as per the days of use:

  • Second Day – The arch felt really high and was very uncomfortable. The discomfort with the low inserts was so high I didn’t even try to put on the high inserts.
  • Third Day – The feet still seemed to get used to a very stiff & high walk fit.
  • Fourth Day – The Walkfit Orthotics was still very stiff and had not loosened till now. I also tried a new pair of shoes.
  • Fifth Day – I went out and walked almost half a mile for some shopping and I felt that my feet had gotten used to the artificially high arch of the orthotics force.
  • Sixth Day– I wore the orthotics for a total of six hours. But the arches of the feet still were hurting very badly. It transferred most of the weight to the arch. This reduced pressure on the heels and thus resulted in less pain in the heels.
  • Seventh Day – Finally after using the product for one week it resulted in arch pain. So, I removed the orthotics.

Final verdict

After using the product for one week it was noticed that there were cracks in the heel and those weren’t from wearing the orthotics but there were due to some manufacturing defects. But thanks to Walkfit, As they promise a lifetime warranty for 5.95 shipping and processing.

Basically, This was a review from a specific user’s point of view. It resulted in less heel pain for me but also resulted in arch pain. So, we would recommend that this product should be tested first, and then you can decide whether this works for your feet or not. We also recommend that you get advice from a podiatrist, They can do your foot analysis and modify the inserts or the soles to work better for you.
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