V Fit Tornado Rowing Machine Review

If you are looking to have a rowing experience right at your home, then you are in absolute luck as we have brought you the review of one of the most talked about rowing machine in the market. The V-Fit Tornado Rower is a sleek machine which offers affordable air resistance and a comfortable seat. It is quite similar to its high-end counterparts except for the console which isn’t the most advanced one. So, if you aren’t looking to keep a track of all your stats then this V-fit is the most affordable choice for you. Let’s review it in detail for you to decide conveniently.

The Brand

V-Fit is a UK-based brand which is dedicated to manufacturing and selling fitness equipment for home along with the semi-commercial machines. They are known to offer high-quality machines at extremely affordable rates when compared to other brands. So, if you are on a budget and yet want to buy high-quality fitness equipment, then V-Fit is the right brand for you.

Sturdy-Built and Controllable Air Resistance

The V-fit Tornado Rower is an extremely well-built machine which helps you with a workout that focuses the whole body conveniently with its sturdiness. This is the most affordable rowing machine which is completely easy to set-up and uses while providing a mid-level rowing experience right from the comfort of your home. The user can control the air resistance which allows for amazing progression. It comes with a chain drive mechanism which makes it long-lasting. Moreover, its design is very sleek which allows for the machine to take up the minimum space.


The console doesn’t offer as much when compared to its pricier counterparts. However, a great rowing machine offers you amazing workouts that can focus all the muscles of your body. So, if you need a great rowing machine then V-fit is the perfectly affordable choice. But if you wish to keep a track of all your stats and not just the distance and time, then not so much. So, while the console isn’t completely useless, it doesn’t offer features of its high-end versions. In other words, decide if you need to keep track or want an affordable option and then go for it.

Seat and Handle

The seat of the V-fit is completely comfortable as well as the handles are amazing while used. The foot straps aren’t so adjustable but who would pay attention to that if you are seated comfortably with secure feet and are handling the handle which is a delight to use. With adjustable air resistance, comfortable handle and seat you are sure to get a great and intense workout.


  • Sleek profile to cover the least space.
  • Controllable air resistance helps you to vary the level of resistance and help you indulge in challenging workout every now and then to make you stronger.
  • Comfortable seat along with adjustable handlebar.


  • The console comes with basic stats and wouldn’t serve well if you wish to keep a track of your progress.
  • Controllable air resistance makes it a noisy machine.
  • Foldable but require removing a bolt.

Buy it or Not?

The machine seems to have a great feedback with few exceptions. The exceptions weren’t impressed as they found it hard to put the machine together. While others didn’t find it hard as they could assemble it in less than 30-minutes.

Smoothly controllable air resistance is the hallmark of the V-Fit Tornado rowing machine. It provides you a smooth control over your workout by helping you increase the resistance while increasing your speed. Also, it comes with a comfortable seat and adjustable handles to make it all the more convenient for you. Although it doesn’t have the best console it does come at the best price for the high quality it offers. Plus, it is the best affordable version of its pricier counterparts. So, if you wish to shed those extra pounds with a different and interesting workout, then V-Fit Tornado Rowing machine is the one for you.


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