Tiger Milk Mushroom in the UK: A Mysterious Medicinal Fungus

The Tiger Milk Mushroom, known scientifically as Lignosus rhinocerotis, is a rare and valuable fungus that has recently captured the attention of researchers and health enthusiasts in the UK. Known for its potential medicinal properties, it’s an exciting addition to the world of mycology.

Identification of Tiger Milk Mushroom

  • Cap: Resembles a tiger’s fur pattern, milky white to brown.
  • Gills: Creamy, producing a milky substance.
  • Stem: Sturdy, with rings or scales.
  • Spore Print: White.

Habitat and Distribution in the UK

While native to Southeast Asia, the Tiger Milk Mushroom has recently been cultivated and researched in the UK. It is not typically found in the wild within the country.

Cultivation of Tiger Milk Mushroom

  • Growing Medium: Often grown on a mixture of sawdust, rice bran, and other organic material.
  • Growth Conditions: Requires precise temperature and humidity control.

Historical and Medicinal Uses

  • Traditional Medicine: Used in traditional medicine in Asia for respiratory ailments.
  • Modern Research: Some studies have suggested immunomodulating effects, anti-inflammatory properties, and potential cancer-fighting abilities.

Edibility and Culinary Uses

  • Taste and Texture: Earthy flavor, chewy texture.
  • Cooking: Used in soups or teas, often as a medicinal ingredient.

Availability in the UK

  • Supplements: Available in supplement form in the UK.
  • Cultivation Kits: Some specialty stores may offer kits for home cultivation.

Caution and Regulation

The UK’s regulations concerning medicinal mushrooms and supplements should be followed. Consultation with healthcare professionals is advisable before using Tiger Milk Mushroom for medicinal purposes.


The Tiger Milk Mushroom, although not native to the UK, has become a point of interest for researchers and alternative medicine practitioners in the country. Its potential health benefits, coupled with its exotic appeal, make it a fascinating subject.

However, it’s essential to approach this mushroom with caution, as scientific understanding is still developing, and it is not typically consumed as a culinary ingredient.

For further information about Tiger Milk Mushroom and its cultivation or usage in the UK, consulting with mycologists, healthcare providers, or specialty stores specializing in medicinal mushrooms is advised.


Q: Is Tiger Milk Mushroom the same as other medicinal mushrooms like Reishi or Cordyceps?
A: No, it’s a distinct species with unique properties and should not be confused with other medicinal mushrooms.

Q: Can I forage for Tiger Milk Mushroom in the wild in the UK?
A: Tiger Milk Mushroom is not native to the UK and is unlikely to be found in the wild. It is primarily cultivated or available in supplement form.


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