Stress Relief Toys

Stress nowadays is a quite common problem for every person, regardless of their age and gender. No matter what aspect of life we decide to talk about, it is somehow linked to stress-inducing factors.
A lot of people might find it difficult to talk about the stressful elements in their life and that is exactly why the latest inventions have come forward with toys that have proven effective in reducing stress without making people feel uncomfortable about it.

1. Red Heart Shaped Yo-Yo Stress Relief Toys, Squeezable Foam.

This easy to grip heart-shaped squishy is perfect for people of all ages. It is easy to grip and the simple design can be carried by people of all work backgrounds. It is easy to grip and the material is comfortable enough as it is not too hard nor too soft, so your muscles ease up to it and are not too stressed while using it. It can be used anywhere from a gym,  workplace to even hospitals.
In fact, it is more preferable to be introduced in hospitals as it is perfect for physical therapy for patients with arthritis and other nerve/muscle conditions.
This heart-shaped, squishy stress reliever is all you might need to solve your problems. It’s perfect to fit in your palm and squeeze it through any stressful situation.

2. JOEYANK Infinity Cube

The name might come off as stressful, but this new device is absolutely perfect for helping you with anxiety and fidgeting.
This specially designed fidgeter’s cube comes in a stylish premium anodized aluminum alloy design that looks perfectly trendy but does its job well nonetheless. It is perfectly easy to carry and the beautiful design qualifies as a perfect gift material as well.
It is lightweight, pocket-sized and stylish to accompany your troubled thoughts without getting any second thoughts.
Recommended by psychologists, this little cube is perfect for all sorts of anxiety-related disorders, as it helps reduce anxiety and stress.  Fidgeting, anxiety, AHD, autism, staying awake and other attention disorder issues, like nail biting, smoking, leg shaking, etc. can be improved and dealt within no time using this simple device to get rid of stress.
It is not only perfect for adults who have serious anxiety disorders or even mild stress issues, but also for kids over the age of 8 as they can use it as a simple toy, but also learn its benefits and apply it in their daily lives.

3. Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball

Often when people are stressed out beyond measure, they start to fidget and nervously move their hands. Most people experiencing anxiety start biting their nails and cracking their fingers out of nervousness. In order to get rid of these nervous tics, most stress relief toys are designed keeping palm-size in mind so the toy fits in the individual’s hand and he is able to use it to squish or work around to get rid of anxiety. This stress relief ball might look like a simple cricket ball in shape and size, but it is specially designed to help people get rid of anxiety and squeeze in their hands in times of stress. It helps in strengthening joints and muscles to help any person who might have arthritis. Squeezing things in times of anxiety actually helps in regulating the blood pressure so the brain gets more oxygen to think of what it is doing.  This stress-relief ball helps to squeeze and soothe anxiety away while increasing blood flow to your hands, fingers & forearms.
The ball is made of special material that is tear-resistant gel core, which will allow you to experience maximum grip and comfort.

4. Mochi Squishy Toys

The Japanese industry has worked hard into giving the world cutesy looking items in every field of life. Be it makeup items, home appliances, furniture, or even clothes. Everything they design is super colorful and cute to look at. These stress-relief squishy toys are a pack of 20 toys which come in a variety of designs and colors. These cute to look at, silicon squish ables are perfect for holding and squeezing in your hand if you are going through a stressful period in life. These look cute and also less questionable as some people tend to shy away about having anxiety, so this cute little item is perfect as it is not going to give away the fact that it is helping you to only reduce anxiety.

5. MySack Smack a Sack

Sometimes when squeezing something is not enough, you need to punch it out. It is however not as easy to punch whatever you want to when you are stressed out and angry. Punching an actual human being is a very bad idea and punching and breaking non-living items is even worse as people around you would label you as a psychopath. Smack a Sack though, is the perfect item for you in such situations. You can easily punch it as much as you want and no one will question you for your rage.
The item comes with two tiny little balls and a sack to put the balls into. You can smack the balls anywhere within the sack and the material is safe enough to use as it will not get damaged no matter the force you will apply on it.

6. Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Ball

These stress relief squishy balls are made of the perfect material to help reduce stress but in highly motivational attitude. These soft silicon balls have stylish text on them, that are basically motivational quotes. These do not just look cute, but also look highly motivational to hold on to. These are perfect to even give away as gift items for your parents, teachers, counselors and whoever is old enough but needs a stress-relieving agent in their life.

7. Water Beads

Water beads might look nothing like stress-relieving agents, but this new innovation is so adorable to look at what it actually qualifies as a great stress relieving agent. They are simple to use, colorful and pretty to look at, and absolutely a lot of fun to actually use. You just need some water and a container big or small enough according to the number of balls you have. Take a pack of water beads and put them in the container that is filled with water. Leave it for a few hours and once you are going to check back on the container, you will see lots of colorful balls inside it. The beads basically grow into crystal clear balls which are a fun way to reduce stress by playing with them. You can put them inside a balloon and use to squeeze and play with. Or you can simply use them in any other way that you want to.

8. Fidget Spinners

One of the most popular 21st Century stress-relief toys; Fidget Spinners. These could not be left out of this list as these have gotten popular all over the world in very less time. They are being revolved around the world and kids and adults are all loving them. They are hard plastic spinners which you have to hold in your hand and spin its wings using your fingers. Spinning its wings helps in reducing stress and it becomes a good time pass as well. These are available in thousands of different designs and colors so you will have an endless variety to choose from.

9. Timfany Egg Slime Toys

These toys are so colorful and bright and perfect for kids of all ages and even adults can play with this if they want to. The egg slime mixed with glitter and pearls inside are absolutely perfect for a stress-relieving time out.
These non-stick and non-toxic slimes are what you truly need to shape in your hands and ultimately get rid of all stress that you are going through. You do not have to worry about any toxins that might harm your kids and simply provide them with the material without any worry at all. This slime is perfect for distractions, but you can easily discard it or dispose of it away in the trash without worrying about harming the environment as it is already free of toxins or any added preservatives.

10. Dammit Dolls

These new stress-relief items are quite a sensation among people of all ages.  These dolls come in a variety of different colors and designs which you can choose from. the material is soft and actually helps in making the dolls and ideal stress-relieving factor. You can either squeeze it forcefully or even throw it against a wall to get rid of your anxiety and frustration but the material will sustain all blows against itself. These dolls are an entertaining way to relieve stress as they look quite amusing, so half your anxiety is distracted by just picking them up. These can make a light-hearted gift as well for your colleagues or parents etc.

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