Skinny Teatox Reviews – Does Skinny Teatox Work?

The good old days are gone when people used to enjoy Earl Grey for its bergamot flavor and several benefits. Now, with all the fitness hype in today’s world, there’s a huge fuzz about skinny teas.

What are these skinny teas and what areas of health and fitness do they touch upon? Is Skinny Teatox as good as they say? Is it what they say it is? Let’s dive deeper into the details of this ‘self-acclaimed health-enhancing product boasted across the online platform.


  • Skinny Teatox: What is it?
  • Ingredients
  • How it Works
  • Review of claims
  • Side effects
  • Concluding Remarks

Skinny Teatox: What is it?

Skinny Teatox is the #1 Teatox in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Netherlands, and France.

Made with 100% natural ingredients that promote good health and weight loss.

There you have it! Teatox guarantees to cleanse your body from dangerous toxins (detoxify your body) to make you look slimmer, smarter, and SKINNY. It is just what you need right now, isn’t it? And you can’t wait to order it because your favorite star just lost a couple of pounds using Skinny Teatox.

Just hold it right there and try to see past that hot market fog. Let’s start with its detoxification claim. Within the health and fitness context, the non-standard use of the term ‘detoxification’ has led people to believe that it is related to weight loss, recovery from addiction, and curing pancreatic ailments, etc. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry, detoxification is “the process of removing a poison or toxin or the effect of either from an area or individual.”

From a marketing viewpoint, this term serves as a money buzzword with more or less no relation to the actual process. Just think about it: would you remove toxins from your blood using a beverage that guarantees weight loss or rather rushes to the urgent care unit?

Teatox Ingredients

OK. So, Teatox claims that the ingredients used in its products are 100% natural. A quick go-through would be a nice thing to do, don’t you think?

·         Tea Leaves

Tea leaves are one of the most commonly used sources of caffeinated beverages consumed all across the world. They’re known to increase alertness and contain antioxidants that regulate blood flow.

·         Senna Leaves

Senna leaves are used to treat many colon-related health complications. It is a natural laxative that is also helpful in treating constipation.

·         Ginseng

Though it’s not clear what type of ginseng is used in Teatox products, both types (American and Asian ginseng) are believed to do wonders for your immune system and treat diabetes among other benefits. The common side effect: insomnia.

·         Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is used mostly to treat respiratory problems, high blood pressure, and act as an anti-inflammatory herb.

·         Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon bark is thought to treat flatulence, control blood sugar and blood pressure, and act as an anti-fungus.

·         Cloves

Cloves are high in antioxidants and offer several health benefits including protection against cancer, increased bone protection, regulate blood sugar, toothache and much more.

·         Rhubarb

Rhubarb is highly abundant in fiber, calcium, iron, manganese, and vitamin C and K. However, it’s unsafe when consumed in larger quantities.

·         Ginger

Ginger is mainly used to relieve nausea, pain, bloating, and loss of appetite.

·         Mint Leaves

In its special type, Teatox also offers the calming and soothing effects of mint leaves.

·         Wild Chaga Mushroom

Changa mushroom is clinically proven to target potential carcinogens. These also reduce tumors and have a chemotherapeutic effect.

Though these are just the major mentions, Teatox claims to use other natural ingredients in its other products. Just because they’re natural doesn’t mean they’re safe for everyone!

How Skinny Teatox Works

Skinny Teatox runs its business by offering kit-based programs that are achieved in two steps. Their kits are based on 7, 14, and 28-day programs that, as claimed by the company’s website, are guaranteed to bring positive results.

The two-step process involves the morning and evening tea-drinking ritual. The morning tea is said to boost your metabolism and render you ample energy throughout the day. Plus, they say it also suppresses the appetite, so you don’t binge eat. Anyhow, the evening tea is claimed to ‘cleanse’ and ‘detoxify’ your body as well as flushing out anything excess.

As confident as these claims seem, it should make one think if they could also lose potential nutrients during the frenzied weight loss program. Some thought, isn’t it?

Honest Reviews On Teatox Claims

As honest as the claims seem, the marketing program from Teatox might seem like the ideal weight loss regimen, but let’s hear out some honest reviews about claims made by the company itself.

·         Lose Weight

OK. Skinny Teatox does actually makes you lose weight. With so many ingredients (that are natural laxatives and diuretics) there is no surprise that your bathroom visits will increase and make you lose weight. Plus, what kind of weight are you losing? The company doesn’t deliver clear information if the consumer is going to lose fat or water weight.

Between losing weight and losing fat, there is a difference.

It’s likely that you’re going to lose water from your body instead of losing fat. But… maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise are crucial along with the slimming tea if you’re opting for fat loss. That ought to do the trick nicely. And you know what? The amount of weight you’ll be losing will majorly be because of lifestyle changes.

·         Caloric Burn

Skinny Teatox contains tea leaves (type identity remains at large), which contain caffeine as one of the primary ingredients. Apart from all the claims posted by the company, the caloric burn is true in relation to caffeine. Research has shown that an increased level of caffeine is linked to a higher caloric burn rate as well as an increased heart rate. But the question stands: What amounts of tea leaves are used in the tea mix and what is their caloric significance?

Is the company clear on that one? No. Plus, the extent to which the calories are burned leaves us in the grey area. As a consumer, you may be expecting a lot more than just digging deep into the nutritional value of the product, but then again, it’s your health and you’ve got to take care of yourself.

·         Metabolism Boost And Increased Energy Levels

They say it boosts your metabolism to help you lose that weight. What actually do they mean?

Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories and expends energy. According to the Harvard Medical School, the rate of your metabolism depends partly on your genetic nature and partly on exercises and daily activities. Where does the skinny Teatox fit in?

If you ask me, there’s probably no way that the entire metabolism can be ‘boosted’ by just a tea. And in addition to that, evidence regarding the level of metabolism boost lacks within the scientific context.

However, the caffeine might help you level up your metabolism, but it’s unlikely that you will shed pounds of fat using Skinny Teatox. Sure, it will elevate your energy levels, but we don’t know how much caffeine it contains and to what extent can it boost your mechanism. So there’s basically no guarantee to it!

·         Cleanse

Just like it aims to detox your body of harmful chemicals, Skinny Teatox also maintains to ‘cleanse’ it of the toxic material. The difference: not much if you ask me. We previously discussed that the term detox has vaguely been used as a fluff. In the marketing context, both these terms are used to make you believe that you can achieve a pristine body inside and outside. Too good to be true, isn’t it?

But since we learned what detox means according to medical standards, we must acknowledge the basic fact that our body is designed to remove toxins automatically. Here’s an example: the fine hair in your nostrils are present to filter the air. With so many organ filters in there, such as liver, kidneys, spleen, and lungs, what makes you think that you need an additional filter?

Of course, you need external sources to help you when you’re consuming heavy metals or other carcinogenic pollutants. Who knows?

However, many ingredients in Skinny Teatox are diuretics and laxatives. If you’re having constipation or related issues, this stuff might help you lose the buildup.

·         Detoxify

So, it detoxifies your body and removes all the toxins. How are you supposed to know if those toxins were removed? And what sort of toxins does skinny Teatox actually remove? Just because the company boasts about removing toxins, it pays absolutely no attention to the critical information surrounding this ‘detoxification’.

You don’t know about the type of toxins it claims to remove. You don’t have a clue about what level of detoxification it will perform in your body. You don’t know about the level of toxins in your body (unless you’ve run some tests) and you probably don’t know how many toxins will be flushed out from your body. Amidst all these don’t-knows, how will you possibly determine if the tea is working?

Think about that!

·         Suppress Appetite

At least one of the claims is evident without a doubt. The ingredients used in Skinny Teatox, such as caffeine, ginseng, dandelion leaves, cloves, cinnamon bark, and others are natural appetite suppressors. However, studies suggest that greater appetite may lead to increased weight, which backs up the fact that suppression of appetite may contribute somewhat to weight loss.

Side Effects

If you’ve used slimming teas before, you probably know that these have little to no side effects, but the risks of potential ones still remain.

On their website, they point out the possible side effects and also recommend you see a doctor, which is a good thing. Let’s dissect each side effect, mentioned and unmentioned.

·         Laxative Side Effects

As mentioned on the site, you may experience some laxative side effects of the Senna leaves, which is a natural laxative. These side effects include cramps and increased bathroom usage. The company suggests that if side effects other than these are reported, the amount of tea intake must be reduced and should be stopped.

·         Dehydration

From the laxative effect of Senna leaves, your frequent bathroom visits will possibly drain your body of water and essential electrolytes. If you don’t take caution, there’s a chance you might suffer from diarrhea and a dry mouth. It only happens when you’re on a skinny tea frenzy diet.

·         Weight Loss Instead of Fat Loss

As for we’ve mentioned before, you might possibly be losing water instead of fat and then you can imagine the consequences of it. Excessive consumption and long-term usage of the product may lead to weight loss abuse as well.

·         Birth control Pill Ineffectiveness

Within 4-5 hours of the laxative effect, the company also states that the tea can make the birth control pills ineffective. Which means that you can get pregnant. Better watch out then!

·         Gastrointestinal Problems

As admitted by the company, the night tea has a different taste as compared to the morning one and must be taken with a natural sweetener. According to the consumer health digest, night tea can cause gas, bloating, and diarrhea. Plus, if you’re already suffering from irregular bowel movements, then you might become dependent on Skinny Teatox for normal functioning. If your problems continue to after the tea usage, it’s better to consult a doctor.

Concluding Remarks

All right, so after we’ve dissected all the ingredients, ways of working, claims, and side effects, we’ve come to the point where we must conclude regarding the product’s efficacy. But before we jump right at it, there’s something you should know.

The disclaimer from the company goes as follows:

‘Testimonials, reviews and images found at and/or from Skinny Teatox are unverified results that have been forwarded to us by users of our products; may not reflect the typical user experience; may not apply to the average person, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. You should always perform your own research and not take such results at face value. It is possible that even with perfect use of our products, you will not achieve the results described or shown. They are meant to be a showcase of the best results our products have produced, and should not be taken as the results a typical user will get.’

Pretty surprising, isn’t it? The results are unverified, may not reflect a typical user, or guarantee to help someone else achieve the same results. Based on your own intuition and research, you must not be misled by the ‘self-claimed benefits.

Though there might be several aspects of the product that may actually be beneficial for certain conditions, too many questions position Skinny Teatox in the shadows of doubt and disbelief.


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