SARMS: High Anabolic Benefits & Minimal Side Effects

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) pack the benefits of mainstream steroids in improving muscle mass, fat loss, and bone density. SARMs diminish the adverse side effects of traditional anabolic and androgenic steroids. As a steroid alternative therapy, SARMs prevent muscle or bone wasting conditions such as cancer, osteoporosis, and hypogonadism. SARMs have a potent influence on muscle hypertrophy due to their high affinity to specific receptors. SARMs come in two versions, non-steroidal and steroidal. Steroidal SARMs work like a lock and key mechanism. Cells act as locks while the binding sites provide key-openings. Steroidal SARMs have the master key ability to unlock cells for protein synthesis and regeneration. Non-steroidalSARMs offer a one-of-a-kind lock that targets genes to hamper muscle and bone depletion while stimulating re-growth.


SARMs can transpose androgens and exert the positive impacts on muscles like anabolic steroids devoid of adverse prostrate and cardiovascular results. They produce the same testosterone anabolic effect of increasing bone mineral density and structural strength. SARMs also shrink body fat and boost lean body mass.

Non-steroidal SARMs have gained the rapport with bodybuilders, weightlifters, and other sportspeople. The benefit to downside ratio has undergone numerous forensic tests with no evidence indicating adverse effects. Scientists have hailed SARMs as the perfect anabolic picking to substitute steroidal therapy. They surpass the power of steroids in muscle stimulation and selectivity of androgen receptors.

Toxic-free, SARMs do not cause liver damage, bone loss, prostate problems, and impediment of HPTA or destabilize hormone activities. Bodybuilders benefit from muscle loss hindrance, lean muscle growth, increased strength, quick injury healing and joint soothing abilities.


Steroidal SARMs produce side effects like estrogen conversion resulting to gynecomastia, low libido, and inhibition of liver and kidney functions. Some studies have also observed that steroids alter the DNA of mass cells such as cardiac muscles or prostate glands. Non-steroidal SARMs take long to improve muscle strength and bone density in contrast to some steroids.


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