Does Alpha Brain Work? [Onnit Alpha Brain Reviews]

Alpha Brain is a very popular nootropic recommended by many athletes, successful entrepreneurs, performers, and other PRO’s. It is developed by a trendy brand for supplements, Onnit labs, and has scientifically proven results. But is it really worth the popularity? Let’s find out in the review below.

Alpha Brain Review:

Onnit’s Alpha Brain is one of the most discussed and recommended nootropic stacks we have ever come across. Onnit is itself a well-acknowledged brand for manufacturing a wide range of nootropics, performance supplements, trace minerals, and vitamins.

We first came across Alpha Brain in 2016. In a short time, it has been the most recommended nootropics by professionals. It is among the few nootropics that provide clinically proven results for improved brain performance.

However, there are many other complex nootropics in the market as well. But is Alpha Brain the best nootropic among all?

Our Experience with Onnit Alpha Brain:

The founder of Alpha Brain once claimed that it starts working the first time you use it.

Although this case rarely happens with nootropics, we decided to try it and know if the claim is true or not. We ordered a pack and here’s our experience.

On the first day, I took two capsules of Alpha Brain in the morning with breakfast. The pills started showing their effect in the first 30 minutes, and we felt an improved focus. Although there was no mood change, we felt a mild energy push. This focus lasted for 2-3 hours. The energy push was a mild one, not a sudden attack. However, we also felt motivated for the first few hours.

The first day was pretty good.

We took two capsules every day, sometimes on an empty stomach, and sometimes after breakfast. We noticed the same results every day, a mild energy push, motivation, and better focus.

We continued the capsules for a week, and nothing changed. The results remained the same. So, I improved the dose and started taking three capsules a day. However, there was still no dramatic change. Instead, I felt better with two capsules.

Some of us remained perfectly fit, while others faced some side effects. Apart from that, we were quite satisfied with this nootropic.

While supplementing Alpha Brain, we noticed that it really delivers some benefits and the claims were quite true. We liked this supplement. It improved our focus, gave us a bit of motivation, and an energy push. Besides that, it can also help in processing speed, long-term memory, and improving the mood.

But is it better than the other top-rated supplements in the market? Let’s have a look at the ingredients and side effects.

Alpha Brain Ingredients:

The formula used in Alpha Brain is caffeine and gluten-free. It contains mostly well-known and essential nootropics. Also, it is moderately dosed.

Here is a quick detail of the ingredients used in Alpha Brain.

Onnit Flow Blend, 650 mg

Flow Blend contains the following nootropics.

·         Phosphatidylserine:

Phosphatidylserine is very important for better cognitive function. Its levels in the body decline with the advancing age, but supplementation can help maintain the levels. According to research, it also helps slow down cognitive decline.

·         L-Theanine:

L-Theanine is naturally present in green tea and is a great nootropic for combining with caffeine as well. According to research, this amino acid helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It acts as a relaxing agent and also increases alertness.

·         Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 is used for producing a very effective coenzyme in the body. It offers many small benefits. However, there are no highly effective reasons for using this supplement.

·         L-Tyrosine:

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps to improve cognition. It is essentially useful for people who deal with stressful situations. According to research, L-Tyrosine helps with working memory and improves cognitive performance.

·         Oat straw extract:

Oat straw is a very effective ingredient for improving cognitive function. It may boost brain function, improve the mood, and reduce inflammation. However, we lack studies that could prove the reliability of this ingredient.

·         Cat’s claw extract:

Cat’s claw (Uncaria Tomentosa) is an Amazonian vine. This ingredient is traditionally recommended for fatigue and anti-inflammatory syndromes.

Onnit Fuel Blend, 65 mg

·         Pterostilbene:

Pterostilbene is a methylated stilbene molecule. Besides being used for cognitive enhancement, we also find its uses in reducing cholesterol and glucose levels.

·         Vinpocetine:

According to research, Vinpocetine is a very effective supplement for improving cognitive function. This alkaloid is derived from the periwinkle plant and is a very popular nootropic. It is also believed that the intake of Vinpocetine increases the flow of blood to the brain.

·         L-Leucine:

Leucine is the primary BCAA. However, L-Leucine is not a typical nootropic. The use of Leucine on its own provides better benefits and also costs less than BCAA mixes.

Focus Blend, 240 mg

·         Bacopa Monnieri extract:

Bacopa Monnieiri is considered the most effective and popular adaptogen herb. According to research, this nootropic herb increases cognitive performance and acts as a memory booster. Besides this, it also helps to reduce anxiety.

·         Huperzine-A (Huperzia Serrata):

Huperzine-A is also an effective cognitive enhancer. It inhibits an enzyme that degrades the learning neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. In this way, the levels of acetylcholine increases which help to reduce cognitive decline, especially in older people. Also, this ingredient may need to be cycled.

·         Alpha GPC:

Alpha GPC is a choline-containing supplement that helps younger people improve their memory. Also, in older people, it decreases cognitive decline. Alpha GPC is a well-known precursor to acetylcholine. In athletes, it enhances the power output.

Alpha Brain Benefits:

Now, what benefits does Alpha Brain offer?

It supports many brain functions and improves overall cognitive performance. It helps in memory recall, focus, and mental speed.

With Alpha Brain, you can stay productive throughout the day as your cognitive performance is better.

How long does Alpha Brain last?

According to our experiment, the effects of Alpha Brain can last for two to four hours.

Alpha Brain Dosage:

According to the website, the recommended dosage of Alpha Brain is two capsules per day. The exact amount of each ingredient in the supplement is not known. Therefore, we would suggest you not to take higher amounts.

When should I take Alpha Brain?

You should take two capsules of Alpha Brain in the morning. You can take them with or without breakfast.

Alpha Brain Side Effects:

The users might face some significant side effects with the use of Alpha Brain.

In general, Alpha Brain is a safe brain supplement. However, some users reported stomach issues and headaches while supplementing it. When we were using it, some of us remained totally fine while some members experienced side effects, including headaches. One of us even experienced brain fog.

Can I build up a tolerance for Alpha Brain?

There is no evidence of whether or not you can build up a tolerance to Alpha Brain. Some of the ingredients in this supplement should be cycled. I follow five days on and two days off cycle. It helps us a lot in minimizing the risks. You can follow the one that’s safe for you.

Customer Reviews:

Alpha Brain is one of the most widely used nootropic stacks in the market. The official website has hundreds of positive reviews.

According to customers, Alpha Brain helped them a lot in memory recall, and they could remember the things that were once forgotten. The transitions between their thoughts became smoother, and they could feel a visible difference in their brain performance.

Some users did not feel the results immediately, as happened with us. However, after using it for a month or more, many users were satisfied with the results and recommended this supplement to others as well.

Clinical studies also support the effectiveness of Alpha Brain. Because of this, we expected good reviews and positive feedbacks. However, some users did face side effects and other issues. So, you will have to be careful with that too!

Where can I buy Alpha Brain?

As Alpha Brain is a popular nootropic, it is easily available on the official website as well as other third-party sites. The bottles come in various types with different numbers of pills. The website also offers a good discount.

Final verdict:

Does Alpha Brain work?

Is it a good supplement?

Yes, Alpha Brain can improve cognitive performance. It is a good supplement, but other better nootropic stacks are also available in the market.

The major issues we see with Alpha Brain are the lack of certain effective nootropics, and we don’t know the exact amount of all the ingredients in their formula. Also, some users experienced adverse side effects, so you need to be careful while supplementing it.

We think that many people are satisfied with Alpha Brain, but there are other better-dosed nootropics with effective ingredients at a better price.


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