Omega XL Reviews: Does Omega XL Work?

Omega XL is distributed by Great Health Works and is an omega-3 joint health supplement. It is a safe supplement for almost every individual and is easy to swallow as it contains about 30 fatty acids.

What is Omega XL?

Omega XL is manufactured by the company named Great Healthworks and is known in the market as a joint support supplement. Due to its effective ingredients that include 30 types of fatty acids, Omega XL is claimed to be a great quality joint support supplement.

The manufacturers of Omega XL claim that they had launched the product after 30 years of careful work and testing. They studied 50 subjects and analyzed how it fights against joint pain and inflammation. According to the results, the supplement caused a decrease of 89% in pain symptoms.

However, the website also found that some of the ingredients used in the product were sourced from green-lipped mussels, found in New Zealand. They are shellfishes and according to studies, their fatty acid content is very similar to fish oil.

Fish oil is highly associated with joint health and support and therefore, we can say that Omega XL is basically a fish oil supplement.

What ingredients are used in Omega XL?

The main active ingredients found in Omega XL are three. Their detail is listed below:

·        Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is one of the many natural antioxidants. According to animal studies, vitamin E has proved effective to spur cartilage generation in individuals suffering from osteoarthritis. However, when studied on humans, the results were different. Antioxidant vitamins are not effective in treating and curing rheumatoid arthritis. However, when vitamin E was tested in humans for treating osteoarthritis, the results were mixed.

·        Monosaturated Olive Oil:

Olive oil is widely used all over the world as this natural antioxidant has a vast number of benefits. According to research, olive oil reduces inflammation not only in the joints but in the heart as well. The naturally occurring antioxidants found in olive oil effectively reduces pain and decreases inflammation.

·        Perna Canaliculus:

Perna canaliculus is the name given to green-lipped mussels, also called New Zealand Mussel. According to research, perna canaliculus oil is rich in fatty acids, which allow it to work effectively in lowering inflammation in osteoarthritis.

How does Omega XL work?

There are not many clinical tests and studies available on how green-lipped mussels work on joints. However, we know that it is beneficial and also what makes it this much beneficial. It does contain vitamins, amino acids, and omega-3 fatty acids in high concentrations. All these are really effective for the support of the joint. However, the question does arise that why is it important to get these omega-3’s.

Researchers suggest that omega-3’s are not naturally produced in our body. Therefore, we need to intake them in our bodies to fulfill their need in the body.

Now let’s know how omega’s work in our body. Their function starts at the cellular level. The studies claim that enzymes called lipoxygenase (LOX) and cyclooxygenase (COX) generate prostaglandin in the body, which in turn sparks inflammation. The omega-3 fatty acids inhibit these two enzymes at the cellular level. In this way, they stop inflammation and reduce pain.


  • Omega XL contains all the natural supplements.
  • New Zealand mussels are considered a good choice according to seafood research.
  • Omega XL contains 30 different types of omega fatty acids.
  • It does not contain any allergens, gluten, dairy, and corn.
  • As compared to flaxseed oil which only contains omega 3 fatty acids that are not properly converted in the active form inside the body, Omega XL produces more bioavailable fatty acids.


  • The company has not mentioned the names of the 30 fatty acids used in the supplement.
  • The cheapest price requires you to enroll in auto-ship.
  • We do not know anything about the quality of vitamin E and olive oil that are used in the product.
  • The recommended dosage is 3-6 pills per day, too high as compared to others that require one pill.
  • The long-term benefits of this product are not known.
  • The clinical trials and the company’s research claims are not available on the official website for customers.
  • According to some consumer reports, it contained only a little amount of omega-3 fatty acids when tested.
  • There is no mention of the quantity of omega fatty acids that are listed on the product.
  • The paid infomercials might be misleading.
  • The quality of seafood used in the supplement is also unknown.
  • It may be hard to cancel the product and get rid of the auto-ship program.
  • When you eat omega- fatty acids through food, a higher amount is absorbed (90%) as compared to the amount absorbed through supplements (50%). Therefore, it is better to consume fish.
  • We did not find any regulations on the product which could tell if the ingredients are accurate or not.
  • The website does not provide much information on the usage of the supplement.


What is Omega XL used for?

Omega XL is a natural supplement for people suffering from joint pain and inflammation. The healthy fatty acids found in the supplement, including EPA and DHA, work effectively to relieve pain and cure inflammation.

Who sells Omega XL?

Omega XL is manufactured and sold by Great Healthworks Inc.

The official website does not give any information about the use and dosage of Omega XL. However, according to a third-party source, we found that the recommended dosage is 3 capsules per day.

Can I use Omega XL if I have a health condition?

If you have a health condition, never start any kind of supplements before consulting your doctor first.

Does Omega XL has any side effects?

Researchers claim that the green-lipped mussels are safe for most people. However, it can trigger side effects in some people like abdominal swelling, nausea, heartburn, gout, itching, intestinal gas, and diarrhea. In rare cases, it can also lead to liver problems. As Omega XL is mainly composed of these mussels, these side effects are related to the use of Omega XL as well.

The best idea is to start Omega XL after consulting your doctor as there is not much information on drug interactions and green-lipped mussels.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid using this product as green-lipped mussels can slow down the development of an unborn child.

It is safe to take 3 grams of fish oil daily in supplement instead. However, consuming higher quantities will increase the chances of bleeding. Fish oil has blood-thinning properties. So, if you are already using aspirin or any other blood-thinner, taking more than 3 grams per day of fish oil can be hazardous for you.

Fish oil can also cause side effects like nausea, vomiting, burping, loose stools, and bloating. Since Omega XL contains fish oil, these side effects will be related to the use of Omega XL.

However, in healthy individuals, these products did not produce any side effects. So, we can conclude that Omega XL is a safe supplement.

Does Omega XL have any return and refund policy?

This product has a 90-day return policy. After the original purchase, you can return the product within the first 90 days. However, the shipping costs and the auto-shipped products will not be covered or refunded after the first purchase.

Customer reviews:

We found mixed reviews on Omega XL as these supplements might suit some people and may not affect the others. However, there were more positive than negative reviews.

Positive reviews:

According to most of the customer reviews, Omega XL worked great for them in reducing diarrhea and leg pain. It made taking off rings easier by reducing inflammation in the knuckles. Also, many users claimed that it works great for arthritis.

Negative reviews:

The users dissatisfied with the product complained that they did not see any results even after 30 days and they found fewer pills in the bottle than were advertised.  The others said that they could have got the same results from Boron supplementation and cardio and weight training. Some side effects were also observed after using the product like increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels and more pain after taking the pills. Also, a few customers did not like the shipping as their bottles arrived clumped together and were unusable.

Where can I buy Omega XL?

The third-party sites sell it at a higher cost than the official website. However, if you order from Amazon too, they will enroll you in an auto-ship program in which the product will be sent to you every month. It is difficult to get out of the auto-ship program.

The Bottom Line:

Overall, Omega XL is a great product since it is rich in omega-3’s. Many users were happy and claimed that it worked great in reducing joint pain and treating inflammation.

Omega XL seems to be a natural product and that is great. From a quality source of low mercury fish, Omega XL may have a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. However, the website does not contain any evidence for it.

Some negative reviews were also associated with the product and that occurs with all joint supplements. Everyone’s body is different and every supplement might react differently to every individual.

Is there anything else I should know about Omega XL?

Olive contains monosaturated fats and the quality of olive oil used in Omega XL is not known. According to different researches, they are healthy enough on their own. However, if combined with a high saturated fat diet, it can be too much.

Omega XL seems to be a safe product other than the unknown information about the quality and quantity of some ingredients. If you have a health condition, it is better to start this supplement according to the advice of your doctor.

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