Navage Sinus Cleaner | Navage Nose Cleaner Reviews: Does Navage Work?

Are you also worried about your sinuses and want to clear them without medications? Well, a Nasal nose cleaner should be your preference then. It contains many effective ingredients that help clear the nasal passages and eliminates the need to measure ingredients.

How does Navage Nose Cleaner work?

The person who came out with the idea of Navage himself suffered from sinusitis and was constantly looking for a solution to relieve the discomfort caused by sinusitis and decrease sinus infections. He then realized that neti pot really works and helped irrigate sinuses and relieve their symptoms.

When he was using the neti pot, he thought a better option would be more comfortable if the saline solution is pulled through the sinus passage rather than being pushed, the way a neti pot does.

The Navage Nasal Irrigator uses saline pods, which means you are free from mixing or measuring. This system has two nostrils plugs. One of the plugs pushes the saline up into the nostril while the other nostril plug pulls the liquid through your sinus cavity.

He came out with a different idea and used suction instead of pressure. It is a different technique than a traditional neti pot and has proved convenient, efficient, and comfortable for people suffering from sinusitis. Instead of pushing the saline through the nasal cavities, it is pulled through the sinus using gentle suction.

The main principle of the Navage Nasal Irrigator is not to utilize pressure but to suction power.

This product was first launched in Canada. However, the company which produces this product is based in the USA, Cleveland, Ohio.

You will have to set up the Navage Nasal washer. When the batteries are installed, and the salt body is fitted, it is ready to use.

How is Navage Nose Cleaner different?

Nasal squeeze bottles and neti pots are competitors to the Navage. When using a neti pot, the tip is positioned in the nose, and the pot is tipped upward. However, when using the nasal squeeze bottle, the tip is placed into the nose, and the bottle is squeezed. Both of these push the saline solution into the sinuses through pressure.

On the other hand, the Nasal Nose Cleaner rinses the nasal passages by using gentle suction. The best thing about this nasal suction machine is that both the nasal packages are closed. The solution will travel directly into the sinus cavity and won’t leak out of the nose.

Is Navage Nose Cleaner better than a Neti Pot?

If we compare the two, we will know that Navage Nasal Irrigator is better than a neti pot.

Neti pots are messy and require a lot of care. If the head is not held at a particular angle; the saline solution will travel down through the throat. It causes a very awful feeling.

With the Navage Nasal Irrigator, you don’t have to keep your head at a particular angle or lean over the sink. It is because the saline solution is sucked by one nostril and pushed out of the other nostril. The solution that is sucked from the sinus cavity is held in the system’s tank.

When using the neti pot, users experience the water running from the sinus cavity for hours, even if they have tilted the head at a particular angle.

However, most of the water is sucked from the sinus cavity with the Navage Nasal Irrigator. Then, a gentle nose blow is performed that ensures that all the excess moisture is removed from the sinus cavity.

In other words, we can say that Navage Nasal Irrigator is an electrical neti pot of the 21st century!

How does it feel?

The sensations produced from a cleaning process are quite difficult to describe.

First of all, the nasal pillow is inserted into the nostrils, and the button is pressed halfway. It creates a vacuum effect. Some people say that this sensation is really uncomfortable.

When you become familiar with the sucking sensation, you can press the button all the way. The saltwater will flow out of the container and into one nostril.

The suction pulls the saline solution through the sinus cavity. It will then be stored in the lower tank. You will be able to breathe through your mouth while the sinuses are cleaned. This process will take roughly 15-20 seconds. However, it would be best if you do not talk during this process as it can cause the saline solution to travel into the throat.

Also, make sure to keep your mouth closed when the process begins. You will be able to breathe normally and open your mouth when the water starts flowing through the sinuses.

However, you will need to close your mouth before the process ends to ensure that all the solution is removed from the sinuses. To complete the process, blow your nose so that all the saline solution’s remnants are out of the sinus cavities.

People have different reviews on this sensation. Some say that the feeling is just like swallowing a small amount of pool water. On the other hand, most people claim that the Navage Nasal Hygiene System’s effect is pleasant.

How much water should be used?

The correct amount of water must be ensured. In order to properly dilute the saline, you should completely fill the Navage with water. The amount of water should be roughly 236 millimeters. If you don’t use the recommended amount of water, it will lead to burning and discomfort in the nasal cavity. Therefore, completely filling the unit with water is necessary.

Does Navage Nose Cleaner really work?

Yes, Navage Nose Cleaner really works, and you will feel relieved after the first use. It will clear the sinuses and reduce sinus pressure. Hence, you will be able to breathe more easily. The system is very easy to use and will reduce any congestion in the nasal cavities. The neti pot is also a great choice, but the Navage nasal irrigation suction clears out the sinuses more effectively. We must say that this nose cleaner machine is perfectly doing its job.

This machine will clear out both the sinuses at once so you won’t have to switch to the other sinus. The whole process will take less than 20 seconds, and your sinuses will be completely cleaned and cleared.

Most of the users reported that their sinus headache was completely relieved after using this machine and their sense of smell was restored. Those using addictive nasal sprays can also stop their use and switch to Navage Nasal Irrigator.

When should I use this machine?

The Navage Nasal Irrigator machine should be used twice a day. The results are immediate, and you won’t have to wait for a long time. As it is not harmful, you can use it as much or as little as you want.

Navage Salt Pods:

Saline pods must be purchased separately for the Navage to function. These pods are cheap, and you can get them at 50 cents each. A new pod will be installed whenever you use the system. The system will not work if you are using the old pod. For the system to function, a new Salt Pod capsule must be inserted.

What are salt pods made of?

These salt pods are made of purified water and pure sea salt only. They are 100% natural as the water is carefully purified, and the sea salt is free from any fillers or additives. These salt pods will ensure that the ratio of water to salt is correct. However, the manufacturers claim that the salt pods are made with 99.99% pure sodium chloride. The correct ratio offers the best mixture of saline solution, and it will not burn as a neti pot does.

What is an alternative to Navage?

I think that SinuPulse Elite is the best alternative to Navage. The main difference between the two is that Navage uses suction while the SinuPulse uses pulsating irrigation.

We do not find SinuPulse portable because it is necessary to conduct the procedure at the sink, and it works from the electrical grid.

However, one good thing we liked about SinuPulse is that it has two modes to cleanse sinuses. You can cleanse both your tongue and nostril.


  • It works fast.
  • It is the best choice for people who are dependent on regular nasal irrigation.
  • The tank is easy to remove and clean.
  • It is more convenient than a neti pot.
  • It cleans both sides of the nasal passage.
  • The saltwater and sea salt are maintained at a correct ratio.
  • The website provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 1-year warranty.


  • You have to buy branded Salt pods from Navage, which can be a bit costly.
  • It will cause an unpleasant sensation on the first use.
  • The difference between Navage and neti pot is not significant.


Navage Nasal Irrigator works perfectly and provides quick results. If you have sinus problems or other nasal congestion, you should prefer using Navage as it will bring you relief. However, you must first consult your doctor before you use this nasal suction machine.


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