The MELT Method Review: [Chronic Pain Relief]

Sue Hitzmann was at the top of her career as a global health instructor and presenter. She showed to be in the best fitness, yet she was practicing debilitating pain in her foot. With a highly qualified master’s degree in workout science and improved practice in neuromuscular treatment, she thought it would be simple to get out what was going on in her healthy body, but yet the most physical therapists and prominent doctors could not give details on what was bad.

Although she was just in her 20s, Hitzmann’s career was in danger and her standard of life was in turn down.

Hitzmann well-read the solid way that exercise, diet, and muscular strength are not the foundation of a pain-free body or healthy body. As she sought the real source of the pain, she totally replaced her focus from health to hands-on body job.

In her mission to live a pain-free life, active life, she became fascinated by the rising science of link fascia, or tissue, which surrounds all parts of your body, including your nerves, bones, and organs. The researchers she meet were found that link tissue-the body system that helps stabilizes, protects, and supports-was adaptable, responsive, and renewable.

What hitzmann came to comprehend that link tissue dehydration is the underlying lead of the daily stiffness, aches, and tension that causes to weight gain, pain, sleep issues, and many other seemingly un-matched problems.  Through her secret exploration and secret practice, she made the MELT technique.

MELT can support your fall aspect more simply and sleep perfectly, have more powerful during the day, reduces stress, improve your posture, reduce cellulite, and body fat.

Features of the MELT Method

Readers will first leader about the 4 METL Rebalance, Reconnect, Release and Rehydrate. Each of R MELT address one of the 4 places of stuck tension and is important to the full MELT self-care plan.

Arthritic– the MELT method hand care provides quick mobility and great relief.

Sleep issues or Digestion– the MELT Rebalance sequence can enhance seemingly un-matched signs.

Chronic Lower back pain– The MELT back sequence Release eases pain without the use of any medical treatment.

Chronic illness: people suffering from diagnosed illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease also find benefit form the bad effects of medication and the severity of signs using MELT cares.


I had low back pain for about half a year that no chiropractor, massage therapist, or workout at the gym could solve this issue. I was a health expert and a dirty example of one at that!

MELT solve my low back pain issue in only 15 days, I am really happy to see this result. I advise to buy this book because this book results stunning, I am very happy with this health book.


  • Arthritic
  • Sleep issue recovery
  • Back pain recovery
  • Best health book
  • Easy to read
  • Write in very simple words


  • 4 MELT only
  • Not cover full topics

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