The Knee Pulley: Exercises and Benefits

Suffering from knee pain? Maybe you’ve tried everything: you’ve lost weight, you’ve strengthened with weights or resistance bands, you’ve stretched, you’ve modified your exercise and work habits. You’ve followed the advice of your physical therapist. And now your doctor is recommending a visit to the surgeon. Ouch.

While knee replacement surgery should always be reserved as a last resort, there may come a time when it’s the best hope for getting back to a life without pain. Fortunately, this is an operation with a high success rate, and patients who comply with their recovery plans can look forward to many happy years on their new knees.

Two Crucial Exercises for Knee Replacement Surgery Patients

The key to successful recuperation from knee surgery is regaining and maintaining a full range of motion, or ROM. You need to be able to straighten your leg and bend it. In the days following surgery, though, there’s the danger that scar tissue will form and make these ROM movements difficult and painful.

And so your doctor and physical therapist will have you perform two exercises early and often to prevent this scar tissue from building up. These exercises are extension and flexion: the simple straightening and bending of your leg. You won’t be working against resistance and you won’t be supporting weight; you’ll simply move your leg through its natural range of motion.

Flexion and Extension Made Easy with the Home Ranger Knee Pulley

While physical aids and assistance are not required to perform these exercises, pain often limits your ability to reach your full range of motion. And so for help with these exercises, you can rely on the Home Ranger Knee Pulley.

The knee pulley is a simple rope-and-pulley device that attaches to a door to give you full, easy expression of flexion and extension. With your foot comfortably secure in the device’s foot hammock, you gently pull the handle of the rope to get your knee through its full ROM.


Bonus Pain Relief from the Home Range Knee Pulley

The Home Ranger Knee Pulley is not just limited to flexion and extension exercises, though. It also provides pain relief.

A technique known as a distraction is commonly used in physical therapy offices to lessen joint pressure, thus lessening pain. By gently pulling the lower leg, a physical therapist separates the articulating surfaces of a joint. This eases pain and makes ROM exercises easier to perform.

With the Home Ranger Knee Pulley, for the first time, this distraction technique can be performed by the patient, without assistance.

Resuming Activity after Knee Replacement Surgery

Success rates are high for total and partial knee replacement surgeries. Patients who stick to their rehab plan and maintain range of motion with their flexion and extension exercises can expect to resume normal daily activities without pain, although certain high impact activities are advised against. You may need to limit your running and jumping, but as long as you maintain that range of motion you’ll be able to get back to that active lifestyle you enjoy—without pain! Follow your doctor and physical therapists’ instructions, and grab a Home Ranger Knee Pulley to begin your recovery journey.


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