Safe tanning hacks without burning your skin

Tanned skin is considered more attractive than pale white skin. Women would do anything to have that beautiful tan skin tone, but the sun is a burning ball of gases, also (how to get tan skin). getting a tan could also cause skin burn too, therefore it is crucial to know the perfect timings and ways to get a perfect skin tan. Summers bring joy for many of us, beaches and party. This season brings amazing summer sports, but wait, summer also means the sun is shining upon us, so safe tanning hacks come handy now.

Before we talk about these hacks, let us first know why tanning is considered more attractive and beneficial than pale skin? Well in many cultures a tan serves as an example of good health. A tan can make your pretty face standout in the crowd and with a little touch of contouring and be highlighting the tanned skin area, your beautiful face can become ethereal and picture perfect.

A tan makes your skin stand out, emphasizes the contours and gives it a fresh shine. In the United States, it is popular to get a tan during warmer seasons like spring and summer. This tanning culture became popular amid the 19th century, the rich had more money and free time to travel, so tanning became a thing and people started becoming amazed by it. Many Americans believe that a color is a sign of good health and money. Some studies suggest that men and women find tanned skin tones more attractive than pale skin. However, too much color tone can cause skin cancer. It is important to protect your skin when tanning UV rays using anti-aging products.

A study by the American Academy of Dermatology concluded that most people think that tanning is better than it turned out, there are few reasons why tanning is considered good are;

Indicate good health stats

Sun is a great source of vitamin D, which is necessarily required for strengthening of bones, stimulates brain activity.

Psychological benefits

Tanned skin balances skin color for many pale toned people, for them tan skin provides them confidence and they feel more wanted and attractive.

Tan skin is good for pictures

Tan skin can do miracles in front of the camera, a tan skin provides glow and edge to images that are considered camera friendly.

Why do people tan?how to get tan

The first thing most people think about why do people tan and what is the difference between burn tan and sunburn?

Firstly, we will talk about why people tan and how people tan themselves.

Before understanding the tips for tanning, it is of utmost importance to know what is tanning and the process through which we get tan? So, let us begin, some people sit out in the sun for a long time and ultraviolet radiation which comes from sunlight, that penetrates your skin and skin cells resulting to damage their RNA and DNA. Perhaps this is could be bad as DNA are responsible for genetic instructions and are important for development. And this kind of DNA damages it can lead to skin cancer. As your skin plays a role as a bodyguard and protects you from this, so your body helpfully tans. Which mean darkening of the skin with a special pigment called melanin that reduces Ultraviolet penetration into cells?

If we talk about tanning process, the process is simple but there is a point which takes time to understand as we all know Ultraviolet radiation stimulates the darkening of melanin which already exists in our skins and spurs increases melanogenesis, which results into the production of new melanin. As cells are called melanocytes generate the pigment which is pushed out from the cell and it becomes darkens and darkens the skin, transforming the absorbed UV energy into heat.

Melanogenesis process results in delayed tan that can be visible after several hours from UV exposure and lasts longer than the tanning which is caused by the darkening of previously existed

melanin. After a certain time, tan fades as darkened skin layers are pushed away by new cells with less melanin and thus it is scaled off.

But what is sunburn?

After hearing sun “burn” we image burning like we get burns from fire or stoves all these are thermal burn. While sunburn is different as sunburn is caused by Ultraviolet-B radiation.

When a personal exposure to UV radiation the body system protects body skin resulting to tanning, but radiation causes damages DNA like we have discussed above. But our body protects our skin at maximum level as it tries to fix things so in our body a system works accordingly. In our body blood flows to the capillaries to the bed of the dermis (second outermost layer of our skin) increases so that cells can repair the damage, resulting in warmth and redness on the skin. Inflammatory immune cells also help in repairing damaged tissues, for some time it gives us pain as our tissues are recovering so it’s better to stay out from the sun at this time. After that our damaged skin cells die, our skin starts to peel making it normal like before.

Facts about melanin

Melanin which is present in our body makes our skin burn or tan:

  • Our body normally makes melanin and tries to protect the deeper layers of our skin from severe damage.
  • When our skin gets damaged by rays of the sun, our body system makes more melanin to protect our skin from being damaged. Resulting skin to change color.
  • Dark skinned people usually turn to even darker brown, or they became tan when they go in the sun
  • Light- skinned people turn to red or burned when they go in the sun.

Many people get uneven patches of color or freckles when they get tanned or burned by sun’s rays.

Beside this all facts and difference between tan and sunburn, some people mostly white people around the world like to get tan their skin color they like to be brown as they consider a sign of more beauty.

As knowing the fact that tanning is leading risk to skin cancer but still all around the world some people frequently run tanning booth and love to be tanned.

Some people think that getting tanned is more attractive, healthier looking. But according to a survey people die due to skin cancer because due to lack of awareness of safety from the sun. This has put people at risk for overexposure to UV radiation. When a person exposed to high Ultraviolet radiation, a hormone (MSH) known is produced by the pituitary gland, which results in the production of melanin as this protects our skin from the sun but tanning excessively with no precaution and care can cause skin cancer, leading towards death.

Overexposure is dangerous and is not good for skin as this can cause physical changes in our skin such as wrinkles, freckles, age spots and changes the texture.

To avoid these effects and changes and get perfect desirable sun tan follow some tips.

Simple tips to get tan safely:how to get tan

Exfoliation is must:

To achieve a best outdoor tan, you must keep a thing in your mind the before going to sun exposure you must exfoliate your skin. As exfoliation helps you to remove the dead cells from the uppermost layer of your skin by allowing the fresh skin to appear. By removing the dead cells can make your skin tone even, removes pore-clogging dirt and oil and prevent acne. You can exfoliate your skin by non-expensive methods like make your own scrubs by using homemade things like sugar, oatmeal, and salt with using a loofah or exfoliating gloves can do the same job as expensive companies products do. The less build-up of dead skin cells on your body makes a shallow layer of skin which will make your tan more lasting. As by removing dead skin cells, it will allow you to get a tan more easily because your tan will appear and fade evenly.

Wear sunscreen for the perfect tan

Some people believe that they cannot tan with wearing sunscreen but actual you can tan wearing sunscreen and it’s better than you do without that wearing. Knowing the fact that sunburn protection factor (SPF) extends your time and you can spend more time in the sun without suffering skin damages. Sunscreens with higher SPF numbers provide better protection against sun’s rays and UV-B rays. There is a low amount of melanin in naturally fair skins, which can leave the skin exposed to the sun’s carcinogenic UV and causes red burns on the skin if there is no use of appropriate SPF. But for those who have darker skin color, melanin can provide an equivalent of SPF 13.4 as if we compare to 3.4 in white skin. But this is not necessary people with dark skin can still get sunburnt.

One thing to remember that apply SPF 15 for 30 minutes after that re-apply SPF 15 for 30 minutes when you expose to the sun. But only reapplies if you have done enough activity where your sunscreen could have been removed.

Getting a tan could be a blessing or could be dangerous it all depends how carefully steps are followed to get a tan skin. Following the safety hacks, you could get a healthy-looking tan skin perfect for summers.


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