Groove Life Ring Review

The everyday life of the people demands a lot. Your safety and health come first. Whether it is about what you wear or what you eat or your whereabouts, you prioritize your safety and health. Silicone rings are an invention with the same purpose. 

Many jobs are tough physically. While performing those, you need to take care of your belongings and the things that you have put on. For example, if you are from medical staff, your hands would be working hard and harder. Meanwhile, if you wear a typical wedding band or a ring, it might give you an injury at times.

You may feel the need to remove it while doing some critical tasks. If you are wearing a silicone ring, this might not happen because silicone rings are safe to wear, breathable, and more comfortable.

Groove Life is a US-based brand that is known to be producing the best silicone rings along with a few of its competitors. Its rings out-stand all others with their unique designs and comfort level. Here, we are reviewing the five best Groove Life Rings for the year 2020 that can be in your cart when you plan to make a silicone ring purchase.

Groove Life Zeus:

The Groove life Zeus ring is unique in its kind. Groove Life claims that it has been in the market after years of research. It has been made with three layers. So it’s one ring with 3 rings inside. The first layer is the outer band that is ultra-durable, inside that is a nylon band made with anti-stretch and safety-break technology. The innermost layer is the Groove that is the most breathable inner band that allows the air to stay and does not allow moisture to come in. The Groove layer enables the person wearing it to keep cool and dry.

These are available for men and women both. Available colors are olive+black, aqua+black, black+black, and navy+black. The product comes with a lifetime warranty by Groove. No matter what happens, Groove will ever replace it.

Groove Life Original Kryptek Camo Ring:

As with all the other rings by Groove Life, the Kryptek Camo ring is also designed to keep the person comfortable. Whatever you are going through in your life that makes you annoyed or no matter you are having a hard day; Groove Life Kryptek ring will make sure that you feel comfortable. 

The Typhon pattern is the beauty of the product. It can be on while hunting, fishing, hiking, and running, or any other physical activity you can think of. The breathability, flexibility, convenience, and style of the Groove Life Krypek Camo are unbeatable. Once you buy this product, you will not use your old one.

If you feel stiffness when you wear it for the first time, it’s normal. There is no need to worry. All silicone rings take one week of wearing to soften. You will then rock it.

Groove Life Mayhem Ring By Rich Froning:

By the fittest man on the Earth, it is the fittest ring on the Earth. Athletes have a tough physical life. They work out, and they perform so hard that their rings and wedding bands damage. Not only that, but all the fitness trainers also recommend not to wear any metals during work out. Instead, silicone is a good alternative. 

Rich Froning believed the same and switched on to silicone rings to represent the strength of his marital commitments on his work. “But the ordinary rings stretch out easily, leaving a need of buying again and again,” he felt. Then he joined his hands with Groove Life, and together the duo has brought the Groove Life Mayhem Ring. It is an anti-stretch silicone ring that will stay with you forever. 

This ring has an engraved Crossfit Mayhem Logo inside the silicone band (medical grade). For athletes, it has a design and a feel that will give them a steel-like strength and flexibility due to silicone. A champion can have it on while he is having deadlifts, handstand pushups, body-building exercises, or while holding the championship trophies high in the air. It is going to be as loyal to you as your fitness.

Mayhem Ring has got three rings or bands inside, and all of them have a different purpose. But the main idea is to protect the CrossFit athletes’ fingers from the danger.

Groove Life Twilight Blossom:

Groove Life Twilight Blossom is a ring from the Groove Life Aspire Collection. This collection has some of the bestseller rings of the Groove Life, and Twilight Blossom is one of those. As the name of the collection says, it is there to aspire everyone and to make you stand out in the crowd. It has got beautiful and creative rings with bold patterns that attract everyone.

The unique Twilight patterns and the colors of the Blossom designs will make you forget everything you can think of and push back all the bad things that life is throwing at you. You will feel stylish, elegant, and comfortable. As all other Groove Life rings, the Aspire collection also has the breathability factor as the priority. With that, the feature of comfortability also remains uncompromised.

It is a perfect feminine article that is equally suitable for women of all tastes and age groups. The high elastomer blend provides durability and makes the ring safe to wear for everyone. If the ring does not entirely fit or you feel stiffness when you wear it for the first time, do not worry, it is normal behavior. It takes a week to soften the band. It is a break-in-period.

Groove Life NFL Rings:

If you are a football lover and want to show your immense love and support to your favorite team, you can wear a customized NFL logo designed, or your favorite team’s logo designed silicone ring. Groove Life has the license to use the logo of the NFL or the teams in their rings. So do not worry, you are not going illegal.

These rings are also the same in quality as other Groove Life silicone rings and are breathable with the same level of comfort in your favorite team colors. Their beauty is that they are hand painted and are customization as per your requirements. Medical staff at the hospitals can also wear this comfortable as they are breathable. Comfortable fitting with the customization option makes them stand out amongst all others. Groove Life provides a lifetime warranty for the product.


Groove Life has gone very far in producing different silicone rings for different people and various purposes. All of them are breathable, flexible, durable, and extremely comfortable. People belonging to every field can have their kind of rings from Groove Life and show their marital status’s strength in their practical lives. The cherry on the top, all of them comes with “No BS warranty” by Groove Life that is a lifetime warranty. You can get your article replaced no matter what has happened to it. The above five rings are just a glance of a lot of products that Groove Life has. Check their website and get yours!


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