Eargo Hearing Aids Reviews: How Much Do Eargo Hearing Aids Cost?

Eargo is a hearing aid manufacturer that came out in the market in 2015. Although it is new, it has emerged as an innovator of tiny hearing aid tech in a short time. Hearing loss can cause a lot of problems not only for the listeners but the speakers as well, especially when working with people. So, a better alternative should be preferred to hear sounds in a better way.

Eargo sells its hearing aid devices directly to consumers online. Its prices are much reasonable and lower than those of other traditional brands.

If you are looking for quality hearing aids, you must have heard the name ‘’Eargo’’ a lot. It is because its hearing aids have received so many positive reviews and it is called ‘’a hearing aid meant for the masses’’.

About Eargo Hearing Aid

Eargo was launched by an ear, nose, and throat surgeon, Florent Michel. His main goal was to introduce discreet, functional, and rechargeable hearing aids that the consumers can buy over the internet without visiting the clinic.

Eargo claims that its hearing aids are reasonable, and that’s true! If we compare them with other brands, they are totally inexpensive.

The company introduced its first hearing aid, Eargo Plus, in 2017. The company’s very popular hearing aid, Eargo Max, was introduced in 2018, and the Eargo Neo and Eargo HiFi in 2019 and 2020.

In such a short time, the company progressed a lot, and today, Eargo is known for innovative and invisible in-the-ear hearing aids. Their high-tech features are appealing to all active adults.

Eargo Hearing Aids Features

Eargo’s hearing aid technology is based on discreetness. All of its three models (Neo HiFi, Neo, and Max) feature invisible in-the-ear designs. The main features of its hearing aids are:

·        ‘’Fishing Lure’’ Design:

The manufacturers wanted a unique design to make it inspiring and attract people. For this purpose, they introduced the ‘’fishing lure’’ design in all their hearing aids.

However, the noticeable feature is the prickly silicone ear insert. According to Eargo, these are ‘’Flexi Palms’’ or ‘’Flexi Fibers’’ depending on the style.

This different design proved a lot helpful as it does not create an airtight feeling inside the ear canal. In this way, your ears can breathe, and the hearing aids will also prevent your own voice from sounding strange when speaking.

· Remote support capabilities:

This capability allows the users to get updates from the company directly on their smartphones, without mailing to their devices.

· Black in color:

Eargo has the basic purpose of making invisible in-the-ear hearing aids. So, they made Eargo models black in color to mimic the shadow of the ear canal, making the hearing aids less noticeable.

· Rechargeable batteries:

The rechargeable batteries automatically start charging the hearing aids once they are put in their carrying case.

· Noise reduction and feedback cancellation:

Eargo has equipped its hearing aids with advanced noise reduction and feedback cancellation features, which help deliver clearer sound to your ears without any distortion.

· Pull-Cord for removal:

The pull-cord on Eargo hearing aids help in the easy removal of the device from your ear.

· Quick charge:

The hearing aids charge very quickly in around 30 minutes and give you three hours of use.

· Smartphone app:

Eargo has made its hearing aids smarter and more advanced by enabling the user-friendly smartphone app. It lets the users set up, configure, and adjust the hearing aids according to their requirements.

· Wind reduction technology:

This is the best feature for people who spend most of their outdoors. The wind reduction technology prevents excessive wind noise from coming inside the ear and cause discomfort.

· Audio Personalization:

The four preset sound profiles with audio personalization allow the users to adjust the sound amplification according to their requirements. However, Eargo hearing aids only amplify high-frequency sounds. The company claims that it helps in a natural and better sound.

All these elements not only make Eargo hearing aids unique from others but also make them convenient and useful.

Eargo Models and Pricing

Eargo has three models of hearing aids, which they sell online. All these models are made with invisible in-the-ear technology, meaning that they fit perfectly in the ear canal and become invisible.

These models are available online, so you don’t have to visit an audiologist or clinic.

Eargo Max:

Eargo Max was the first model introduced by Eargo.

According to the manufacturers,

“The Max features advanced sound quality and noise reduction for more gain and volume.”

Eargo always claims that all of its models reduce the background noise, making the hearing aids more comfortable while sitting in noisy places.

However, the base of the Eargo Max has rougher angles, which makes the battery points more susceptible to getting up with earwax. It would be best if you regularly clean the hearing aids to keep the battery connection points operational.

The model also has four sound profiles that allow you to adjust the volume levels according to your choice.

The Eargo Max model is equipped with Flexi Fibers to ensure the perfect fit in your ear. The fit is not too snug and still allows you to hear your own voice as well as base sounds.

Eargo Neo:

Eargo Neo is the second model and is more advanced than the Eargo Max.

The manufacturer claims that this model has better noise reduction capabilities with better feedback cancellation. However, it also has four sound profiles like the Eargo Max. These are just volume settings that allow you to adjust the volume to four different levels.

The best thing about the Eargo Neo is its smoother finish. This refined finish is a lot helpful to the users because it reduces the chance of wax build-up in the hearing aids and avoids interfering with the battery connections.

In place of the Flexi Fibers used in the Eargo Max, Eargo Neo features Flexi Palms that help stabilize the hearing aids in your ear more comfortably. However, just like the Flexi Fibers, Flexi Palms don’t form an airtight feeling, so you easily hear the bass sounds and your own voice.

Eargo Neo HiFi:

The Eargo Neo HiFi is the latest and the most advanced hearing aids of all the Eargo models.

The manufacturer claims that the Eargo Neo HiFi offers a ‘’surround sound’’ listening experience to please even the pickiest of audiophiles.

According to Eargo, the Neo HiFi model has the most advanced and best noise reduction capabilities and feedback cancellation technology, along with more stable gain.

Like the Eargo Neo, the Eargo Neo HiFi has a smoother finish, which prevents any wax build-up in the hearing aids. In this way, they don’t require much cleaning, and the wax does not interfere with the battery contacts.

Eargo Neo HiFi also has Flexi Palms, which are more comfortable and portable than Flexi Fibers. However, they still allow you to hear base sounds and your own voice like the Flexi Fibers.

How much do Eargo Hearing Aids Cost?

All the Eargo hearing aids are sold in pairs, so the below-mentioned prices are for two hearing combined.

  • Eargo Max hearing aids cost $1850.
  • Eargo Neo hearing aids cost $2350.
  • Eargo Neo HiFi hearing aids cost $2950.

Each Eargo model comes with the following inside the package:

  • Hearing aids
  • USB cables
  • Hard plastic carrying case with a built-in charger
  • Wax guard and cleaning brush
  • Two large and small Flexi Fibers or Flexi Palms (depending on the model you buy)
  • Two Flexi Domes

Eargo Customer Reviews

The Eargo website is flourished with mixed reviews from the customers. Some were pleased with their purchase while some faced problems.

Many people liked that their sound-hearing capability was back with Eargo hearing aids. People claimed that the sound quality is so strong that they could even hear the rustling of leaves when outside. They appreciated that they pay a lot of attention to customer service as good quality service is hard to find these days. Many people were pleased and recommended the product to others.

However, some of the customers said that their ability to hold charge fades with time. A few customers also said that they are only for people with high-frequency loss. They faced a lot of issues with hearing voices.

Free Sample Program and Personal Support

Eargo has a unique free sample program for its customers. If you want to test the fit of the hearing aids before buying, you can request a free non-working sample. If you want a free sample from Eargo, click here.

Also, all Eargo hearing aids come with lifetime support from licensed professionals of the team. You get a free appointment with a member of the team with your first hearing aids. They explain the use, charge, and care instructions for your hearing aids.

Return Policy:

Eargo offers a 45-day return policy to its users, which is the longest in the industry.


If you are looking for discreet, convenient, and high-tech hearing aids, Eargo deserves your consideration.

Eargo is one of the leading and highly acknowledged hearing brands which sells its products at reasonable prices. The virtually invisible devices help in better sound hearing for people with high-frequency loss.

The customer service is great, and the return policy, warranty, and lifetime personal support have made it the best choice for all customers worldwide. Although it is not the cheapest brand, the financing options put them in your budget range.


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