Best TRX Suspension Trainer for Home Use Review

Are you thinking about strength training at home? Then TRX might be what you are looking for as it helps in developing strength, muscle mass as well as endurance. It allows you to perform the different type of exercises without the need for much space. Basically, it has been the major sports for the athletes in America and has also been used by the military to train their personnel.  So, if you are thinking about an efficient equipment which can help you with strength training, then TRX can be a great idea. For that matter, we have brought you its review so, let’s have a look.

What is it and how it works?

It is a portable suspension trainer which is loved by the personal trainers and military types as it helps to strengthen the core far efficiently compared to the crunches. Plus, it helps to improve balance, functional strength as well as flexibility. The TRX might not seem to you like a device for exercising at first as it includes adjustable straps, a pulley system and handles for the hands and feet. But once you wrap it around something sturdy at home and indulge in a workout using the straps and a suitable body position, you will notice that gravity will work wonders for you.


The trainer comes with a full block door anchor which can be joined to looped straps. It also includes a suspension anchor which allows you to hang the straps, hooks, etc. or anything that can bear the mass of your body. The package also includes an active content application that provides you with information regarding the home gym. It also has a library with six modular workouts and plenty of exercises that can help you achieve your training targets. Moreover, you will also get a complementary Mesh carry bag which will allow you to carry your trainers anywhere you want. You can also get help from instructions provided in the Getting Started Guide in order to start the workout. You will find it to be extremely easy to set up with no complex requirements.

Is it Challenging?

Whether it is challenging or not greatly depends on your prior training. If you haven’t done core training and are a beginner then you would find it to be quite difficult at first. However, if you have some previous experience then you will find it to be an amazing tool. As you can indulge in various exercises using it to target any part or even the whole body if that is your target. Simply put, yes it is challenging! Nothing great is ever achieved from something that isn’t challenging in the first place.


  • It helps to target any part of the body or even the whole body to gain your training and fitness goals. You can even indulge in lower body exercises comfortably.
  • It aids in burning the fats and building lean muscle mass.
  • It allows you to indulge in pulling actions in various planes of movement to achieve the perfect body.
  • Is great to develop stability, flexibility, and endurance.


  • You need to have a certain level of stability or your force production capability will decrease making it difficult for you to train.

Buy it or Not?

If it works great for the US Navy SEALS, why not give it a try? As it can provide a versatile routine with plenty of variations that can cover all of the muscle groups as well as the core. Plus, you will get access to phone-based videos and training courses. Not only that, you can also take the trainers out when weather permits.


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