Basil Oil: A Small Guide

Basil leaves, stems and flowers have been used since centuries in cuisines and recipes around the globe while its essential oil is used for many health benefits as it has strong healing properties. But it is not in the dried or fresh form only that basil has proven to be beneficial for us. The oil which is extracted through the process of steam distillation has gained a lot of popularity all over the world. Basil oil seems to blend well with many other oils depending on your use.

Let us take a quick look at some of the many ways basil oil can help us with our lives and can be used to find relief from many health concerns we face on the daily basis.

Better concentration

Have you been facing issues with the retention of your concentration span lately? Well, in that case, basil oil will do the job just fine for you. Diffuse it in the air of your room before you start studying and feel the variable difference in the focus and concentration span in general.

Muscle pain

A strenuous workout might make you feel good initially but few hours in and you will get to see how painful and sore the muscles can be. This can limit your movements and affect your mobility. Basil oil can provide a great amount of relief from all sorts of muscular and joint pains that you might be facing, even if they are not related to post-workout fatigue.

Respiratory health

Do you have breathing issues?  In that case, you can use some help from basil essential oil. It assists with breathing and improves the overall respiratory health to a great extent. Try to go for pure versions of this oil to ensure that you get to experience clear breathing without any difficulty.

Menstrual health

Through ages, women have been using basil oil to relieve menstrual cramps and any pains they cause. This medicine from the medieval times is as useful today as it was centuries ago. You can mix it in your tea or simply a glass of water to benefit from its effectiveness. However, make sure that you use not more than two drops of this oil.

Better mental health

Amidst all the chaos we get to experience and be a part of in our daily lives, we all need to catch a break every now and then. Use basil oil to bring more clarity to your thinking and sooth your senses. Massage the oil into your skin and temples to create a cooling and soothing effect on your skin and mind. It will rejuvenate your senses and make you feel good about yourself. Moreover, it is also effective in minimizing anxiety and stress in our lives.

Digestive health

There are days when the food doesn’t seem to digest properly and ends up causing gas and severe bloating. While you might be inclined to try on medicines for relief, why not give basil essential oil a try too? Simply dilute two drops of this oil in water and have it after dinner to feel better. It can be used on a daily basis as well to avoid the likelihood of gas and bloating altogether.

Clearer skin

We all keep trying various methods that would have us have a clearer and younger looking skin. Basil oil has been used for decades now for this purpose and is quite effective in this regard too. It can be used to bring on a more natural glow to the skin and have it looking younger for longer.

When using basil oil, or any essential oil for the matter, it is always suggested to start with a trial patch first. Most of the skins are sensitive to these oils and do not react well to them. Start by applying a diluted amount on a small area of your skin. Proceed only if you fail to see any side effects in the next couple of days. Try to keep them away from the reach of children.

Basil while makes our food taste great, its oil is helpful in making our health better. Keep following us for more information on the different kinds of oil and how they can be helpful in our daily lives.


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