Arborvitae Oil: Uses, Health Benefits and Review

Many of you people would are looking for natural solutions for skin cleaning and giving it a new attraction. Artificial products are a way to do it but the effects are temporary and they have side effects as well. Today, we are sharing the natural and best solution for all such problems. And that’s arborvitae oil. The name implies a tree of life and this name has been assigned quite accurately. This post contains the origin, uses, benefits, instructions to use and how this oil helps its users. Arborvitae is extracted from the tree that mainly grows in North America and Asia as well. This truly is rare and is not harvested. Its growth and production take a lot of efforts. The tree was originally used by people its bark and wood, to treat ailments like headaches, swollen hands, coughs, fevers, and even rheumatic problems. Talking about the modern-day use of this oil, it’s good as a natural cleaning agent, insect repellent, skin cleaning and promotes natural skin beauty.

Uses and Benefits

As we discussed in the first paragraph that this oil source, a tree that grows rarely, was used in the past for skin cleaning, headache removal, and such other purposes. Now, the oil is extracted and passed through several processes to make it usable for the consumers. This purification process has increased its use and it’s useful for multiple purposes. The first and important use of Arborvitae oil is for skin cleaning. You can create a harmful but powerful cleaning agent by mixing it with water. It’s ready to be used for skin cleaning. It is fragrance is really amazing and it can be used as an air freshener as well. You can kill bacteria and keep the clean environment with a pleasant scent.
Another prominent use of Arborvitae oil is for wood cleaning purposes. It’s a wonderful agent to clean wooden surfaces and preserve them. In case you have a wooden floor in the office or your home, this agent will work like a wonder when it comes to wood cleaning. It even cleans the toughest woods pretty well.
If you are worried about insects in your home, Arborvitae oil can be used too. This not only offers a pleasant fragrance, it immediately kills the insects as well. You will need to mix it with water and make a spray. And then use this spray in the area where you think insects are in abundance.
We listed a use of the oil for skin. You can clean your skin but it helps you get a glowing and beautiful skin, too. This is the best health benefit of Arborvitae oil that most people don’t know.
The oil extracted from a special tree is also used to preserve clothes. Most people are worried about bugs and insects destroying their outfits at home. Now, you have this oil that lets you preserve clothes, kill insects, get rid of unpleasant odor and protect unseasonal clothes for months.

Use and Safety

As told earlier, you have multiple uses of Arborvitae oil. When you are using it for skin, mix it with water and apply on the face to get cleaning results. Similarly, when you want to clean wooden surfaces, it needs no special chemicals or additives to be used with. However, considering the safety and health factors- it’s recommended that it should not be consumed, drunk or inhaled. It may cause irritation in lungs, problems for the respiratory system and should be seriously avoided.

Final Words

Arborvitae oil has multiple uses that make it a popular oil for daily use. It’s a wonderful cleaning agent, helps you get a clean and glowing skin, works as a cleaning agent for wooden surfaces, can be used to kill insects and above all as an air freshener. These uses and benefits of Arborvitae oil make it a perfect all-in-one solution to many daily problems.

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