35 Below Socks Reviews [2021] – Do 35 below socks work?

35 Below Socks

Can you tolerate severe winter conditions? Is constant heat needed within your house? You need these new temperature controlled socks.


The 35 Degree Below Socks is specially designed to keep your feet warm at all costs everywhere, all the time.

This new sock design uses aerospace fabric to reflect heat and reduce moisture, which means that heat will be trapped when you will be wearing the socks. This feature is pretty great, as heat often escapes our bodies no matter how much time we spend to warm ourselves up. You don’t even have to worry about sweat. Your feet will be protected and no sweat stains will make the socks go bad, as the sweating is reduced when you have these socks on.

They will keep your feet warm and dry, allowing you to stay comfortable at all times. They are made from aluminized threads making them really breathable and comfortable.

No matter what temperature you are in, the lowest it is expected to get, you don’t have to worry at all if you have these socks as they will keep your feet warm and safe, as hands are feet are most prone to getting injured due to severe weather conditions.


The 35 Below Socks have some great and comfortable features which make them the perfect purchase. There is no huge science technology used, so the simple working of the socks make it an ideal little present for yourself or for a loved one.

The socks come in two different colors, black and white. They are made from a soft thread and the aluminized threads make the socks not just soft and comfy, but they help your skin feel refreshed and breathe better while maintaining the temperature inside.

Their thinness is ideal for wearing them on all occasions. You can either wear them at home as they are or if you are going to attend some formal gathering, you can even wear them under your desired socks without feeling uncomfortable of having a double pair of socks on.

These are unisex socks, so all genders can wear them. Men, women, and children, everyone can protect themselves from the severe cold by simply wearing these socks and enjoying them to the fullest. 


  1. Variety of sizes available. Standard sizing is an amazing feature. Small, large and medium.
  2. Unisex; Men and women can both wear these socks.
  3. Good prices; You can get three pairs in almost 20 dollars, which makes it an amazing deal while placing your order.
  4. Thinness; The socks are thinner than normal socks, making them ideal for being able to be worn on all occasions comfortably.
  5. Indoor and Outdoor Wear; You can wear them at home while in your comfort zone or outside of your house while you’re on the road running or walking or even shoveling the snow. The socks are friendly for all sorts of environments.
  6. 30-day refund policy. 


  1. No children’s size. The children will either have to wear socks that are too big for them or too small depending on their foot size.
  2. These might rip easily if you are not careful as they are not like the thicker socks which you normally wear without having to worry about rips and cuts. 


There are some minimal but important drawbacks to the product as well, regardless of its positive reviews. These might eventually stop working at times depending on the temperature of the body. If your body temperature is warm, the socks will keep working but if your body temperature drops too low the socks might not work.

 You should wear this close to your skin and not over any other pair of socks as it might prevent the material to not work properly.

Some customers have complained that the socks are a bit itchy at times, although most have reviewed the product to be great and highly effective.

Even though this company is still new in the field, it has done quite a marvelous job. It will take its time to grow into a bigger and better company, but their item production has received various reviews. negatives and positives both, however the positives outweighing the negatives. Giving them an ideal head start.

35 Degree Below Socks
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