What are SARMS and how do they work?

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SARMS are more and more used today. SARMS or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators have the main advantage of promoting weight loss while optimizing muscle gain. Unlike steroids, their consumption is completely legal and so far, do not produce any side effects on the body. But are they really effective? And how do they work?

What are SARMS or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators?

In principle, these are ligands that combine with certain types of receptors. As a reminder, the ligan is a molecule capable of binding and unbinding from a particular macromolecule (nucleic acid or protein).

We can therefore classify SARMS as molecules that interact with androgen receptors in our body. You should know that the purpose of these latter is to regulate genes in certain tissues of the body, in particular muscles and bones. It is these receptors in particular that are stimulated when a person takes steroids during muscle growth.

How does SARMS compare to steroids?

You should know that steroids can put a lot of stress on the prostates and other organs of the body. This is not at all the case with SARMS. These intervene in certain tissues of the body such as bones and muscle.

Steroids cause androgenic effects such as hair growth, lower voice, and so on. But the consequences of consuming steroids can be very dangerous. This is all the difference with SARMS which are completely exempt from the unwanted side effects of steroids, but still very effective for bone and muscle stimulation.

What are the different types of SARMS available?

There are two main types namely steroidal SARMS and nonsteroidal SARMS. The SARMS drugs are often associated with steroids. And therefore, exposed to the same effects as steroids. They are also little consumed. The most widely used are non-steroidal SARMS. Their mode of consumption is very simple, because it is done orally. As the name suggests it does not contain steroids.

What are the SARMS that can be found on the market?

There is a wide variety of SARMS that are offered for sale in the market. The most common are in particular:











Is it possible to buy SARMS without having a prescription?

With the benefits stated, you might be tempted to buy SARMS. But you should know that these are pharmaceutical substances. It is also necessary that even if the consumption is legal, many sports federations prohibit their consumption considering that they are doping products. If you therefore intend to participate in regulated sports competitions, first check whether or not your federation allows this product to be taken.

SARM Benefits – Why Are People Using Them?

As mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of SARM is that it allows your body to take full advantage of steroid use without harming your body’s health. Here are the reasons why SARMs are the holy grail of bodybuilding;

  • They are very selective in their action, so they are unlikely to damage your other tissues. You probably don’t want to damage your body tissues just because you want others to grow in size. For this reason, many people looking to improve their performance prefer SARMs as they only change the tissues that lead to bone and muscle growth.
  • SARMs don’t make your estrogen convert to dihydrotestosterone. The conversion of estrogen has adverse side effects on the body, such as: women have swollen nipples and loss of productivity, and unlike other performance enhancers, SARMs do not cause this.
  • It won’t decrease your libido. SARMs don’t lower your libido. They increase it and thus improve your sex life.
  • Some SARMs can eliminate various problems with the prostate. They have no problems with the prostate and will get rid of them if you have them. This way, you can be sure that your prostate problems will be a thing of the past without losing muscle.
  • While many steroids on the market can cause bone loss or loss, SARM does not. SARMs fight muscle breakdown, especially during the cutting phase.
  • You will increase muscle growth. Every bodybuilder is interested in the growth and development of the muscles in their body, and SARMs deliver just that. SARMs selectively bind to androgen receptors, increasing the amount of glucose and nitrogen they absorb. As a result, the anabolic effects on bones and muscles increase.
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