Benefits of a Weighted Blanket


For some, it might seem like a new trend that gained popularity overnight, but a weighted blanket certainly deserves great appreciation. A concept unknown to many people, the heavy blanket is used in acute psychiatry for decades in alleviating the symptoms of severe disorders.

A weighted blanket is a therapeutic tool used to calm patients with autism, anxiety disorder, depression, ADHD, and post-traumatic disorders. It is certainly not a surprise that recently entered into mainstream use.

It’s not a taboo anymore that our stressful and fast-paced lifestyle results in many serious conditions. Stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression are common issues nowadays, and consequently so people turned to seek help in the use of weighted blankets.

It’s recognized as a safe, natural, and holistic approach to reducing the symptoms and fighting the problems of “modern-day diseases.” Let’s see what a weighted blanket can do for you.

The Pros of Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are designed to hold microbeads made from plastic or glass. They provide the additional weight needed in order to perform the deep touch pressure stimulation. This is proven by scientists to have the same effect as a human hug. The certain amount of pressure that causes the stimulation of the nerves, triggers a switch in the nervous system. Moreover, when we are under a weighted blanket the “grounding” or “hugging” sensation activates the parasympathetic system (rest and digest).

This results in the secretion of the happy hormones- endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and melatonin. They all play a big role in regulating the sleep-wake cycle, promote the feeling of satisfaction, calmness, relaxation, protection, and sleepiness. Therefore, the pros of using the weighted blanket are:

  1.    Helps curing insomnia and disrupted sleep and sleeping patterns
  2.    Improves sleeping quality and provides longer undisrupted sleep
  3.    Helps in reducing anxiety
  4.    Helps in alleviating stress
  5.    Helps in fighting depression
  6.    Helps with sensory processing disorders
  7.    Improves focus and concentration (used in patients with ADHD)
  8.    Eases the symptoms of restless leg syndrome
  9.    Improves and boosts the mood
  10.  Helps reach the state of relaxation and meditation
  11.  Helps with reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  12.  Helps with autism
  13.  Helps in reducing panic attacks

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The Cons of Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are safe to use. There are not any specific disadvantages that apply to the general use of a weighted blanket. However, many people have reported some minor problems that a weighted blanket might be causing. Let’s take a look.

  1. You’ll need a bigger storage
  •         When folded, a weighted blanket will occupy a lot of space. If you live in a small apartment or tour storage is small keep this in mind when purchasing a weighted blanket.
  1. It’s pretty heavy to carry it around the house or travel with it
  •        It’s not a huge problem, however, some people that are using the blanket constantly – reading, relaxing, watching TV and sleeping – they might find it too heavy to carry it around. (taking it upstairs is a challenge) When it comes to traveling the weight might be a problem but the size also. Weighted blankets are not suitable for traveling.
  1. It might be too good
  •         Even if you haven’t tried a weighted blanket, you surely know the pleasing feeling of waking up under a heavy winter blanket. It’s so cozy you have a hard time living it. Similar to that, a weighted blanket might get even a little bit addictive considering the fact that offers a very pleasurable sleep. Good luck with getting up on time!
  1. May cause pain and sourness
  •         Mainly reported by people who are side-sleepers, a weighted blanket may cause a little pain in the hip bones. This might also be a result of a too-heavy blanket. You should consider the weight carefully.
  1. Keep away from children and pets
  •       A weighted blanket is great for children to use it too, but with a perfectly adjusted weight. An adult weighted blanket is too heavy for a small child. Keep away from your children as it can be fatal if it’s stuck under there. The same goes for pets. Cats and dogs love to snuggle under blankets. A heavy one can be difficult to get out and the consequences can be very bad.

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