These are the top five U.S. cities with the highest-rated parks, according to Yelp


Public parks have often been known to improve fitness and physical health in people everywhere.

According to research, more time spent in parks and green spaces can help individuals fight against mental health issues like depression, anxiety and stress. Expanding and improving green spaces in cities increases these positive effects on health and quality of life.

With the pandemic last year decreasing our ability to access gyms and other recreational facilities, more people have been turning to parks and nature for their physical health needs.

But not all green spaces are created equally. Some cities have taken on initiatives to improve public parks and green spaces, like dedicating more city funds toward park improvements. Others, however, have fallen behind.

K. van Bourgondien, a Dutch Bulbs provider, recently analyzed the 50 largest U.S. cities to determine the cities with the best public parks, according to residents. The researchers used Yelp data from every park in every major city to determine an average Yelp rating for city parks.

These are the top five U.S. cities with the best parks, according to their residents:

  1. Birmingham, AL (Average Yelp Rating: 4.397)

Coming in the number one spot was Birmingham! The Alabama city has 26 parks with over 230 acres covering more than 10% of the City’s total acreage.

  1. Seattle, WA (Average Yelp Rating: 4.387)

Just trailing Birmingham, the number two highest-rated city for parks was Seattle. Parks represent 12% of the city’s land area.

  1. Dallas, TX (Average Yelp Rating: 4.38)

Dallas is known for its great parks and recreational facilities. With over 400 parks, the Texas city boats a fabulous 4.38 Yelp rating.

  1. Minneapolis, MN (Average Yelp Rating: 4.377)

With the highly-rated Boom Island Park boasting a 4.7 Yelp rating with over 1000 reviews, Minneapolis is a great place to get outside and enjoy the city’s wonderful park system!

  1. Salt Lake City, UT (Average Yelp Rating: 4.363)

Be sure to check out Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park, with almost 9,000 reviews or the highly-rated Sugar House Park with 4,600 reviews. Salt Lake City is a great city for green spaces.

You can see the full list here.

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