Reshape Duo Gastric Balloon Reviews


Life of an overweight person is usually very difficult as people never let them feel special about themselves always degrading them with criticism. And being obese is indeed bad for a normal person as it brings lots of harmful disease along with it.

But no need to worry now because ReShape gastric balloon weight loss system brings you an opportunity to get rid of all those insults with a gastric balloon that helps you control your weight by decreasing your daily intake of food.

Gastric Balloon performs as an alternative to the bariatric surgery for those people who have low indexes of body mass. Around 20 to 50 pounds is lost by people in this six month time period. Gastric Balloon is effective as they don’t need surgery and they are placed in just some minutes. Gastric Balloons are temporary but they require the change of lifestyle, support, and education in order to be a success. Some disadvantages and advantages of Gastric Balloon procedure are given below:-

Advantages of Gastric Balloon:-

  • The rate of mortality is the lowest
  • Least use of invasive surgical is taken
  • There is no stomach cutting, intestinal re-routing or stapling included
  • It is very adjustable to suit your life changes,for example in pregnancy
  • Gastric Balloon can be altered even though your weight might likely regain
  • Risk of any severe or minor deficiency of nutrients is absolutely impossible as the organs remain completely intact
  • From other weight loss surgeries, it is less risky
  • The procedure is temporary
  • With exercise and diet, effective weight loss is possible
  • The sensation of immediate fullness results in the less intake of caloric

Disadvantages of Gastric Balloon:-

  • The weight loss is overall less or average as compared to gastric bypass
  • For optimal outcomes, the regular follow-ups can be critical
  • In some of the cases, an access port can leak which may require a minor injury
  • The initial loss of weight is slower than with the gastric bypass
  • This procedure demands the implanted device of medical
  • This process demand greater commitment of patient as it will not discourage eating fatty foods, between meals or sweets.
  • In some of the cases, due to the slippage of the band, the effectiveness is reduced
  • Some people may not get their desired ideal weight of the body
  • It is a non-permanent procedure as the balloon should be removed after 6 months of placement
  • The regain of weight is possible after the removal if your lifestyle is not maintained or established.

The ReShape gastric balloon weight loss system helps you with your social life too as it gives you a good body shape and makes you stand in the society with wide shoulders. They make you feel good about your body and encourages you in loving yourself. The Gastric Balloon makes you feel full early and feels less hungry as the balloon sits in your stomach for around six months. People usually prefer taking gastric bypass but the gastric balloon is much better as the process is easy and painless.

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