Are Protein Shakes Good for Weight Loss in 2018

Protein Shakes

Day by day protein shakes become more and more popular. Consumers get more and more exciting about choosing safe, effective and high-quality products. This is evident. That is why we decided to give you the true info about the most popular protein shakes nowadays. Today we chose much-talked-of and long-rumored question, “Are protein shakes really helpful fighting with the unnecessary kilos?” If you are overweight, you must have heard or tried it. We did a research and found out whether these products are helpful or not. Here you have the list of the main effect of a typical protein shake on a human body.

1. High-calorie content

The goal of protein shakes is to fill our body with the necessary proteins so we do not eat any other junk or high-calorie meals. However, the picture seems to be not as beautiful as it is painted.

First of all, from the perspective of health, the human body doesn’t need proteins in such a great amount. The daily intake of an adult must include 47-57 grams of proteins. While manufacturers make us sure, these are to improve your health, the doctors are sure that protein overtake is useless. What is more, you are likely to decrease your mineral level and the levels of other nutritious elements your body needs to function. Yes, you will stop eating junk food and sweets, your intake will be pretty low, and yes, you will evidently lose some weight. But is it worth weaker nails, pale dry skin, and a catastrophic hair loss? Oh, we bet it isn’t. Therefore, try to eat only the highly nutritious food besides the tasty protein shake.

Secondly, having lost the weight after substituting 2 meals a day with a powder in water, you risk putting on even more after going back to the normal and regular meals.

Thirdly, all the above does not usually apply to the well-chosen protein shakes, for instance, the popular Isagenix. The components of this shake are pretty natural. What is more, the calorie content here is relatively law as well. That is why we recommend you finding the best Isagenix for you!

2. Suppress the appetite

Manufacturers consider this fact to be another way to lose weight. For example, when you drank half a liter of tasty sweet drink, your stomach is full and there is no need for eating anything else. This way your intake is lower than the calories you burn. However, does it really work this way? There are tons of reviews on forums where consumers complain that sweet drinks only make you want to eat more than you need and do not saturate your body completely.

3. Diabetics to suffer.

When you looked for an article about protein shakes, you definitely did not expect such a negative point. A product that fights obesity can worsen your state by raising your blood sugar levels. Excessive sugar results in the lack of healthy sleep, passiveness, and, of course, it means more fat and hello! to cellulitis. To say nothing about the potential threat of dying for diabetics. Be very careful and pay much attention to the portions and the general amount of sugar in daily intake.

Does it help to lose weight or put on some new kilos? Well, we didn’t manage to figure out that yet. Still, we are sure that is not that magic wand to make your overweight body thin. That is why having read all the true info above, it is up to you to choose where to have these shakes or not.

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