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When you want to lose weight and boost your health, few things beat a good fitness program. Diet is important as well, but I am aware that diet alone does not represent a unique solution to burning down calories, turning them into muscles, and boosting your body to better health levels. I personally tried a few weight loss programs in the past years, the MP45 included, but I wanted something outside the gym this time. After thorough research, I decided to try the Max Workouts program by Shin Ohtake and I think I can be of help to those wanting to lose weight without following the restrictions and requirements of a gym program.

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What is the Max Workouts Weight Loss Program?

Conceived by former athlete and training celebrity Shin Ohtake, the Max Workouts program follows the principles of Exercise After-Burn. Without getting into too much physiology and biochemistry, I can describe the phenomenon as follows: your body burns calories long after you stopped performing the exercises due to the way the program chose the types of exercises and their intensity. To be clearer, the Max Workouts program lasts for about 90 days and includes short but high-intensity workouts that alternate with high-intensity cardio work.

Before you begin training using the Max Workout, you need to know a few things so you are aware of what to expect:

  • I would not recommend this training program to beginners or elders, because it is intense and hard, putting a lot of pressure onto your body. Experts in the field recommend the Max Workout only if you trained before and know your way around high-intensity exercises.
  • If you are serious about Ohtake’s program, you should also pay attention to the Lean Body Diet program you receive together with the main program. The diet guide presents you with the foods to eat if you want to lose weight and the foods you should avoid at all costs.
  • Each high-intensity exercise in Ohtake’s program should come AFTER a very dynamic warmup session I will discuss a bit later. If you ever practiced Pilates or yoga, you will enjoy the warmup, as it includes (albeit optional) a core strengthening routine.
  • You need to have patience and show determination and motivation. It is not a workout for laidback or unmotivated people. At times, the exercises will look dull and void of fun, but if you want to lose weight and stay fit, fun is not your goal.
  • One of the best parts of the program is that it requires minimal gear – this is why it is one of the best workout programs to try at home. All you need are dumbbells whose weight you will increase progressively.
  • You will understand the principles easily and you will have no problems in following the routines. Just be ready to work hard.

What does the Max Workouts Program Imply?

The Max Workouts program operates on two levels: sequential exercises and interval cardio training. Both types are of high intensity.

  • Sequential exercises include four main categories of compound workouts: squats, deadlifts, press-ups and pull-ups, using dumbbells and free weights. There is no rest in between exercises (a round), only in between rounds. Each round consists of 3-4 such exercises. In the first two weeks of training, the resting time between two rounds is one minute. As you progress with your program, you increase the weights and decrease rest time down to 30 seconds, progressively.
  • Cardio exercises allow you to alternate between high and low-intensity intervals (30 to 60 seconds each). Shin Ohtake followed the Tabata method when he tailored his program (all his six different interval cardio workouts are high in intensity and low in time).

Do not forget about the dynamic warmup that must precede your sequential exercises. It is also intense and short. The warmup includes five exercises you should repeat at least 2-3 times before the intensity training rounds.

What are the Max Workouts Results?

When you put things into perspective, you realize that losing weight in a healthy manner in just 90 days is something to desire. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. I will repeat that the workouts are not for the unmotivated or inexperienced, as they can exhaust you very fast. However, if you keep going – respecting Shin’s advice to a tee and not trying to find shortcuts or loopholes – things will get easier.

One of the best advantages I enjoyed following the program is that it works your entire body and your mind. While losing weight is the primary goal of the program, I appreciate the fact that it boosted my cardiovascular system, metabolism, endorphins, and even sleep patterns (do not exercise before going to bed!). It also builds strength and mobility, loosens up your muscles and joints, improves your posture, and relieves some muscle and bone pains. At the end of the day, you will probably feel exhausted but happy.

After you complete your ninety days of training, you will have lost significant weight, look better, feel better, and want some more. Luckily, Shin Ohtake has plenty of training programs, tutorials, and guides, so if you feel ready, you can check those as well.

I personally appreciated the results, but we all have to remember that losing weight is a lifestyle choice, one that involves commitment, dedication, motivation, and work. Exercise, diet, everyday behavioral modifications are the steps to take in order to look good and feel amazing.

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When you want to lose weight and boost your health, few things beat a good fitness program. Diet is important as well, but I am aware that diet alone does not represent a unique solution to burning down calories, turning them into muscles, and...Max Workouts - Losing weight Outside The Gym