How Long Does it Take to Get into Ketosis Diet?


Ketosis provides a wonderful way of losing weight without having to starve yourself. The Keto diet has become very popular with most people, although this is not to say that you do not require willpower and discipline to see results.

You can lose weight by reducing your appetite and improving your metabolic rate. We will outline some ways you can shed off excess body weight on the ketosis diet.

Cut Out Starch and Sugar

Starch and sugar are the main sources of carbohydrates, and for your body to go into full ketosis, you need to cut back on the amounts you consume. The direct result of doing this is you will feel less hunger thereby eating fewer calories. When the body no longer has a source of sugar, it will turn to fat for energy.

Lower carbohydrates also mean lower insulin levels. The kidney will shed off any excess water or sodium thereby eliminating water weight and bloating. Some people have realised up to 10 lb off their total body weight in the first week of going on the Ketogenic diet.

Eat More Fat, Protein, and Vegetables

Include protein, fat, and vegetables that have low carbohydrates in all your meals. Do not exceed 50 grams of carbohydrates a day. If you can, only eat 20 grams of carbs. You can get your proteins from grass-fed beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, shrimp, and eggs.

Eating the right amount of protein will boost your metabolism by up to 100 calories per day. It will also reduce your cravings for food and is ideal for weight loss.

Some of the low carb vegetables to consider include tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, and spinach among others. Your fat source should have unsaturated cold-pressed oils like coconut oil,  butter, avocado oil, olive oil among others.

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To give you more variety, you can try some keto smoothie recipes, that you can carry around with you when you’re on the move. You will be able to reduce the urge to snack because the smoothie will suppress your hunger and cravings.

Eat Correctly

Try and eat 2 to 3 meals per day, but if you are really hungry, you can include a fourth meal. Do not try and eliminate fat from your diet, because this will throw the Ketogenic diet off.  There are certain things you can do to aid in your weight loss including;-

  • Skipping breakfast which is great for intermittent fasting. When you fast, your body goes into ketosis quickly. To take your mind off breakfast, schedule in some exercise which is great for burning off any glucose that may be in your body when you wake up.
  • Eliminate anything with sugar in it, including fruit juice, or sugar in your coffee. You can use full cream milk to give it coffee a better taste. Caffeine will also give you the added benefit of boosting your metabolism.
  • Drink water before you eat. There is a lot of research on the benefits of drinking water before you eat. Schedule the water drinking for about half an hour before your meal, and if you are one of the lucky few, you will get up to 44% total body weight loss within about three months.
  • Chew your food slowly – When you chew your food slowly, you tend to get full faster and lose more weight.
  • Eat fibre – Do not eliminate fiber from your meals because you need it for good digestion.
  • Eat whole food – Avoid processed food like the plague. Natural whole food is healthier and will make you feel full faster.

Make Sure You Exercise

Combining physical activity and the keto diet will greatly improve your weight loss journey. Try and put in at least 4 hours on a weekly basis at the gym, and work on your core strength, and cardio exercises. In the initial phases, you will not have enough energy because your body is still trying to adapt to the new diet. However this should resolve itself within a short time and you will be able to include your normal workout routine.

Lifting weights will help you burn a lot of calories and help keep your metabolism up. It is possible to gain muscle when on the keto diet with the right foot combination and exercises.

Combine different keto diets

Sticking to the keto diet can be quite difficult because of the low-carb restriction. However, you can switch it up a little bit. Instead of sticking to the standard keto diet , you can take off one day during the week to eat more carbs.

However, watch the kind of carbs you eat on the off day.  You can eat rice, sweet potatoes, and certain fruits. Do not do this more than once a week because on that day you will end up putting on some weight. Consider incorporating the cheat day in your keto diet so that you can get enough fat burning hormones in your system.

Portion Control and Calories

Do not become obsessed with counting your calories. As long as you stick to the correct diet, you will not have a problem. Just make sure that the calories do not go above 50 grams a day and ensure that you add in the fats and proteins.

Get Sufficient Rest

Try and get between 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night so that your body can rejuvenate. This is especially true if you are combining exercise with the keto diet. Interestingly, not observing good sleeping habits may actually result in weight gain.


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Final thoughts

If you observe the keto diet correctly, you can lose up to 10 pounds in the first week. In the first few days, you may feel a little bit weird and out of sorts, but this is your body telling you that it is adapting to the new diet, and you will feel better within a short time.  Watch your ketone levels so that you know whether or not your body is going into ketosis and continue to exercise so that you can reap the maximum benefits of the Ketogenic diet.

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Zuhair Sharif
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