How Keto Diet Helps Weight Loss


Weight loss is an ever-trending topic; everywhere you turn, you see articles of acclaimed “miracle” weight loss diets. Unfortunately, some of these diets underperform which make the persons frustrated in their weight loss journey. Nevertheless, the ketogenic diet is not one these miracle diets; it is an adequate weight loss diet that is well supported by evidence. You don’t have to starve yourself and usually does not require calorie counting.

What is Keto diet?

Basically, a ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein and low-carb diet. It works by lowering the insulin levels, producing ketones and increasing fat burning. Catchy phrase there is the “high-fat,” which raises a lot of eyebrows; if losing fat is the goal, why eat more fat? You will understand why you need more fat to lose weight when you know the mechanisms behind ketogenic diets and weight loss.

How does Keto help weight loss?

The keto diet enables your body to go into a state of ketosis, which finally allows your body to use fat for energy.

What is Ketosis? It is a metabolic state that changes the energy source of your body to fat instead of glucose from carbs.

However, your body cannot go into ketosis by wishful thinking; you have to deliberately steer your body to change its primary source of energy by not supplying your body carbohydrates and sugar. When your body runs out glucose, it devises another way of getting energy; it turns to the fat store and uses it for energy thereby, burning fat. Due to the low amount of carbs/sugar in the system, the level of your blood sugar and insulin decrease. Ketosis has a peculiar ability to induce fat loss, treats epilepsy, diabetes and cancer.

Furthermore, when your body burns fat instead of the primary source of fuel (glucose), it produces ketones (the metabolic fuel produced when your body switches into fat-burning mode). Ketone is a proof that your body is in a state of ketosis; ketones is the aim of the keto diet; it helps and promotes ketone production in the body.

How to get into ketosis?

You can get into ketosis by eating a keto meal plan. The best plans can be found at

How keto diet promotes weight loss

Keto diet is not a magical weight loss diet, it has been proven scientifically and you have to consciously take the right steps for keto to be effective. Below are ways keto promotes weight loss;

Food elimination: food elimination does not mean you have to starve yourself to get your desired result. It simply means limiting your carbs intake also reduces your food options, which will reduce your calorie intake.
Higher protein intake: although keto diet means high fat + moderate protein + low carbs, some keto diets increase their protein intake, which has several fat loss benefits and for people who want a toned body.
Gluconeogenesis: keto helps your body to convert fat and protein for energy. The process is likely to burn extra calories every day.
Improved insulin sensitivity: it effectively enhances insulin sensitivity, and this can help to improve metabolism and energy utilization.
Appetite suppressant: this is a vital factor in the ketogenic diets; it helps you feel full. We eat when we feel hungry, isn’t it? There is a change in hunger hormones (ghrelin and leptin) when you are on a keto diet.
Increased fat burning: Ketogenic diets drastically increase the amount of fat you burn during daily activity, exercise and even when your body is at rest.
Decreased fat storage: Some researchers think that keto diets help reduce lipogenesis (the process of turning sugar into fat).
Ketogenic diet is not an “over-hyped” weight loss, it works in effectively and the perfect diet for most people.

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