Is TRT Bad For You Long Term?


As people age, the body tends to go through a lot of changes, that includes a decrease in the level of testosterone. But more often than not several individuals have experienced the dip before getting to an age that’s normal for levels of testosterone fluctuating. Such a situation requires medical intervention, that is, Testosterone Replacement Therapy. 

There is one question posed by many,” is Testosterone Replacement Therapy bad for you in the long term?” When one has been diagnosed with low testosterone, TRT comes in to help bring your body to its former functionality. Several benefits have been attached to this treatment and here are some that are easily noticeable: muscle growth, increased sperm volume, high sex drive, improved sleep patterns, and increased energy levels

TRT and Your Health

Studies have been conducted to see if there is any connection between TRT and poor overall health. Nothing shows that TRT has negative effects on the body but there are a variety of things that you need to know.

There are a few health conditions that might prevent you from getting Testosterone Replacement Therapy. In most cases, if you are an abreast and prostate cancer patient then TRT is not suitable for you. Although it can be administered to someone who has been successfully treated for prostate cancer. Close monitoring is advised to check if there are any signs of relapse. Other conditions that may prevent you from getting the treatment include abnormal red blood cell count and susceptibility to heart attacks.

Skeptics have tried to connect the treatment to ailments such as diabetes and obesity but in reality, the opposite is true. The treatment helps in reducing the chances of getting to a state of being overweight and thus preventing some form of diabetes. Researchers have further proved that some ailments tend to reduce the production of testosterone. Poor health is what might cause the low production.

Low testosterone is not a sign that you have deteriorating health. It might be brought about by several reasons. You need to involve your doctor in doing so. TRT is majorly administered to individuals who need it as a way of fixing erectile dysfunction and hypogonadism. As a precaution, TRT might not help in erectile dysfunction if you have normal testosterone levels before the TRT. The only thing to do at that point is to seek alternative means.


Once you are on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, you have several ways in which you can take the dosage. They include injections, gels, patches, pallets, and sprays. Injections are a better option because your dose is more standardized to fit your body’s needs. This is a much easier way to track intake.

Wrap Up

TRT is a long-term treatment, once you start getting it you will need to get the dosage throughout your livelihood. When you stop, the medical condition you were correcting will show up. With this in mind, a doctor’s guidance is paramount. The work of the doctor will also include monitoring if the dosage is properly administered and if your body is reacting accordingly.

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