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CBD oil is short for Cannabidiol oil. It has many health benefits along with some bad effects on the body. Cannabinoids are some of the compounds found in the cannabis plant. It is then diluted using other oils like coconut oil. Our body naturally produces its own cannabinoids. There are two receptors in the body known as CB1 and CB2 receptors. The fact that the whole body contains CB1 receptors but the brain is their main center of activity. They control responses such as mood, movement, pain, and others that are the responsibility of brain.CB2 receptors work for the immune system. They are responsible for keeping the feel of the pain away from the individual. It was assumed that CBD acts on the CB2 receptors but it was proved after conducting researches that it does influence any receptor. It only directs the body to use its cannabinoids more efficiently.


CBD oil can be used in a variety of ways to treat the symptoms of different diseases. Either it can be taken by mixing it with different food products or drinks or it can be used by putting it in a dropper or pipette. Another way is that you can apply the paste directly on the part of your body that is paining. It can also be taken in the form of tablets. You can also use their spray cans available in the market and can be used by putting it under the tongue. The dosages vary from individual to individual and are given according to the intensity of pain too.


CBD that is taken from hemp plants also known as cannabis or marijuana. There is a difference in the oil that is derived from hemp plants and marijuana. In most of the cases that are observed, the CBD oil taken from hemp plants is legal and the one obtained from marijuana is illegal in most of the countries of the world. However, there are conditions that classify it as legal or illegal.


The question that always triggers in our mind when you think of using CBD is that if it is safe for the answer is yes it is absolutely safe to be used by humans and can be taken in high amounts if it suits you and provides relief to the pain.


There are many health benefits to using cannabidiol. Some of which are listed below

  • Is a cure for arthritis pain

According to the studies being carried out on the subject of CBD and the health benefits, it was found out that CBD is also able to treat arthritis pain which is a major health problem faced by the majority of people living in the world however, there are more researches being carried on to prove this point.

  • It provides relief to pain

We commonly use drugs prescribed to us or consult a doctor to treat pain. It is found out that CBD oil can also cure pain and has proved to be a good alternative for many people to get rid of the pain.

  • Helps to quit smoking

If you start to inhale something that contains the compound CBD there is a chance that there will be a reduction in the number of cigarettes that you used to smoke on average. Hence, it is a good option for those who want to get rid of smoking forever.

  • Can treat epilepsy and nervous disorders

CBD is known for having anti-seizure properties that can help treat the symptoms in people who are diagnosed with epilepsy. It can also be helpful in treating some injuries and diseases related to the nervous system. It is also said that CBD is beneficial in treating schizophrenia as well.

  • CBD can fight cancer

CBD has been found effective in this regard; as it inhibits the cancer cells from spreading all over the body and making conditions go from bad to worse. It contains certain ingredients that retard the growth of cancerous cells and kills these cells.

  • It treats anxiety related problems

There are mixed views on this point. Some say that people with anxiety should not take CBD while there are people who suggest taking CBD to treat anxiety. All depends on the individual and you need to find out whether it suits you or not.

  • Can treat diabetes

The use of CBD can treat the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Iw works by taking action on the cells of the pancreas that are responsible for causing type 1 diabetes.

  • CBD can cure acne

Another overwhelming use of CBD is that it can treat acne and related problems. It minimizes the production of sebum in the body that causes acne due to various reasons.

  • Can treat Alzheimer’s disease

CBD can help reduce the chances of Alzheimer disease in people if it is diagnosed at an early stage. Therefore, the patients have few chances to lose their abilities to recognize people from seeing their faces.

  • Could improve the health of the heart

High blood pressure is very dangerous for the heart and both high and low blood pressures are life-threatening and may cause serious damage to the body in some cases. It is found out from different researches that CBD oil can improve the performance of health and minimize the rising blood pressure that is a health risk. Thus, it saves the heart from being damaged because of undue stress or other medical emergencies.


There are several side effects of CBD oil. Some of them are discussed below

1. Effects the activity of hepatic enzymes

Cannabidiol reacts with different medicinal compounds and inhibits their performance. Among these, it affects the activity of some enzymes present in the liver too. This class of enzymes is responsible to regulate the activity of other drugs that are taken into the body. The higher the dose of CBD is taken, the more chances your body will be having of getting involved with different side effects

Even taking grapefruit has the same effects on the enzymes of the liver. It is recommended to consult your doctor before taking CBD if you are using other drugs to be aware of the consequences that you will have to face in future.

2. May cause a dry mouth

The most complained side effect of using cannabidiol is the dry feeling in the mouth. It is a terrible and unpleasant experience and is unbearable for some people. It happens because of the activity of cannabinoid receptors that produce saliva and causes the irritating smell, dryness in the mouth. This condition produces the feeling of being thirsty, and this problem sometimes leads to heights where the sufferer becomes moody and gets irritated easily.

3. Complications in patients with Parkinson’s disease

Taking cannabidiol for the patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease is a risk because it can actually deteriorate the condition of the disease. Studies were carried out on this subject and were found out that the tremors may get worst and showed lack of mobility on the muscles, which was a point of concern. If this happens the first step, which should be taken is to reduce the dose to minimize the possible occurrence of side effects. The patients having Parkinson’s disease should consult their doctor before starting their treatment using CBD and before reducing their dose.

4. Creates a feeling of lightheadedness

As CBD works to lower the blood pressure levels thereby reducing the chance of many diseases. It can be a cause of lightheadedness too. This condition may improve on its own and takes a little time to turn better. It is advised to make an appointment with your healthcare practitioner and discuss the case in detail with him.

5. Can induce drowsiness

If taken in higher amounts, CBD can result in drowsiness. If you are affected this way, you should not operate heavy machinery, avoid driving a vehicle and stay away from tasks that put a load of responsibility on your shoulders. In short, CBD contains a compound that can influence the performance of an individual.


To sum up, the whole article Cannabidiol has a vast array of uses and is beneficial to treat many health conditions. It can treat anxiety, mood disorders, can reduce stress, and may provide relief to patients with arthritis. It is also used to cure nervous disorders and problems related to the heart. Like every other thing in the world, it has several side effects too; some of which are highlighted in this article,

This article also educates you about the forms of CBD available and the legality of the oil is discussed here. This provides you with a total solution if you are looking for a description of Cannabidiol.

It should be avoided to use CBD oil anywhere in the world. First, you need to make sure if it is allowed in that part of the world to use CBD oil only then make any attempt to use it for any purpose what so ever.

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