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How to get a Blackhead Out [5 Home Treatments]



Are you sick of blackheads? 

We know how annoying they are, and that is why we leave you with ten tips so that you can eliminate and avoid them. Too easy!

What are blackheads?

Anyone can get blackheads. Sometimes it is annoying since it is an unsightly sign that generally appears on the face, especially on the nose. But this problem is not always related to acne. Instead, it is caused by excess fat and sweating.

 If you are not sure about your skin problem, we tell you that Blackheads are also known as comedowns or comedogenic acne, which is generated by the obstruction of the skin’s pores. These commonly appear on the nose and chin, due to oil production, dead cells, and accumulated dirt.

It is about dilated hair follicles due to the accumulation of natural oils that, when they come into contact with the air, oxidize and darken, creating a bad appearance. They occur more readily in hot climates since we sweat more, and the heat opens the pores, allowing bacteria to enter. Therefore, skincare is essential.

Preventing its appearance is very simple. Regardless of your skin type (yes, remember that if you continuously suffer from infections and your skin is too sensitive, it is better to go to a specialist). We leave you the best tips to avoid them:

Clean your face

You must carry out your cleaning routine both day and night, as it will help you eliminate impurities, sweat, and accumulated dust that clog pores, causing blackheads to appear. Always remember, after doing physical exercise, cleanse your skin.

If your lifestyle does not include a skincare routine, we only advise you to wash your face with warm or cold water and then wipe with a dry cotton pad in upward movements (that is, starting from the chin and ending at the ears or cheekbones).

To remove blackheads from the face, it is necessary to do a facial cleansing. There are various products on the market that are undoubtedly useful for this. There are also home treatments that, with these products will be very effective.

Double facial cleansing

Why wash your face once if it can be two? Double cleansing is essential for skin care. But it’s not about carving your face over and over, but to have a deep cleaning.

Change your pillowcase

Did you know that the secret to lovely skin is to change your pillowcase every three days? This contains many bacteria, dust, and mites that are only affecting your skin, clogging your pores, and accumulating excess oil.


However, you must be very careful. We recommend avoiding them, as they can cause long-term injuries, irritation, and fine lines. Identify your skin type, look for the best exfoliated (if it is natural, better), and then do not forget to close the pores with cold water or ice. 

Use clay masks

Using a mask is one of the best facial treatments related to the deep cleansing of the skin’s pores. You can find black, white, green or even orange masks, remember that they all have different effects and are used only twice a week.

Don’t squeeze

We know that blackheads cause insecurity and uncontrollable anxiety to remove them; however, you should not remove them! This can backfire and produce challenging to remove stains. If you have acne-proneness or oily skin, it is best to consult a specialist to root out the problem.

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun.

Prolonged exposure to the sun should be avoided since its excess causes the skin to become dehydrated and lose elasticity and collagen, causing the pores to enlarge and fill with impurities.

No to the bands

They say that banding is an easy way to remove blackheads, but the truth is that this does not attack the root problem. It may help you momentarily, but it is better to avoid using them since their components can change the pH of the skin. You better follow the tips mentioned above.

5 infallible tips for blackheads

Tip 1: Yogurt, cucumber, and parsley mask

The combination of yogurt, cucumber, and parsley is very suitable for all skin types. It allows us to clean the pores while keeping the skin hydrated. In this way, we do not damage the skin and keep it glowing.

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt, parsley leaves, and ½ cucumber in the blender.
  • Beat until you get a smooth paste.
  • Please apply to the face and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Remove it with lukewarm water.

Tip 2: Steam to remove blackheads

Hot water in a bowl and let it steam sufficiently.

Place your face on top where there is no risk of burning, but enough steam can reach.

Stay for a few minutes before retiring. Immediately tighten the area where we have the black dots.

Thanks to the heat, the skin expands, and the pores open, facilitating cleaning. You can put cotton on your fingers so that there are no marks on your face. 

Tip 3: Mask with gelatin and milk

In a bowl, add a tablespoon of milk and add a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin.

Mix to form a paste.

Then heat for ten seconds and, with a brush, put the paste in the places where the dots are.

Let act for 10 minutes.

Remove with your hands, as the mask will remain as a gel.

Tip 4: Lemon mask

Lemon is a very purifying and cleansing ingredient. Also, it helps to remove blemishes on the skin. For this reason, we will mix it with hydrating and nourishing ingredients to compensate.

Mix some lemon juice with almond oil and glycerin.

Apply every night after removing your makeup.

Rinse with lukewarm water.

Tip 5: Honey and cinnamon scrub

This mask adds the cleansing and protective benefits of honey with the exfoliating power of cinnamon. It is a beneficial combination for all skin types. We will prepare it as follows:

Mix honey with cinnamon powder.

Stir into a paste and apply it to the specific places where the blackheads are.

Please do not remove it until the next day and repeat it for two weeks to remove the blackheads.

Khalid Irfan
Khalid Irfan is a Fitness expert who enjoys spending time in gym. He also enjoys being in the outdoors and exploring new opportunities whenever they arise as well as researching new topics to expand his horizons.

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