Is Herbalife a Pyramid Scheme?


Herbalife is one of the most significant marketing corporations in the world. They are involved in the development and marketing of management products alongside diet supplements, sports nutrition products, and personal hygiene items. Considering the history and the fact that it employs around eight thousand people, the myths about Herbalife scam are fading constantly. This company is currently operating in more than 90 countries and has an intensive network of workers and around 3.2 million distributors.

Recently there are so many articles written on Herbalife which sheds light on all the allegations the company is facing these days. A lot of people ask if it is, in fact, a Herbalife scam and those who think otherwise are always concerned is Herbalife can be profitable for them. Herbalife works on the logic of pyramid scheming, and even though such schemes are considered illegal, the fact that Herbalife does not generate profits through massive frauds against its own distributors makes it stand out among others. The business model of Herbalife is far different from any other company of such kind. They drive out the compensations of their distributors not on the number of their sales but on how successful and prosperous they are in employing a wide range of distributors in their company. The major portion of the money generated by Herbalife is from the products that they buy from their new distributors who are also looking for their way into the business. For the administration of Herbalife, distributors, as well as the end-users of the company, are all the same.

Herbalife is a company that vends vitamins, health-related products, and weight loss shakes. It has been around for more than 30 years now. These products are not sold in the stores; rather the company has its own system where anyone can sell these items on their own. That entire person has to do is to sign up new people to work with Herbalife and start generating money. This way of running an organization is called MLM, i.e. multilevel marketing. There are so many companies that are a major example to operate in this custom. According to multiple officials, Herbalife is a legitimate business that sells products to different people who are actually interested in using them. A recent survey has been performed where it was proved that 90 percent of the people who buy from Herbalife is only interested in using their products and not resale them to make money.

Herbalife has been doing a secure business for so many years now, and their networks are spreading even in small countries. In our point of view, Herbalife is not a scam, but still, there are so many people who still claim they have lost their savings while working with Herbalife but these debates are still a dead-end. But after these serious allegations, even FTC is looking into this matter and is bringing out new laws to be sure that the company has a pyramid scheme and if Latino communities are in fact exploited by making use of the products purchased from Herbalife.

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