Greens Powder: A Fad or Here to Stay?


The supplement market has blossomed in recent years, giving health-conscious people more choice than ever when it comes to getting all the nutrients they need to stay in shape.

The latest trend to hit the supplement scene is for powdered greens which can be easily consumed in a number of ways. But is a greens powder like this just a flash in the pan, or will it remain relevant in the long term?

Greens Powder

The Perks of Greens Powder

As with any modern supplement, greens powder is designed to make it straightforward for anyone to top up on important vitamins and minerals provided by fruits and vegetables.

Lots of people don’t have the time, storage space or culinary skills to get their recommended dose of greens each day, so the speed and convenience of supplements like this will be an obvious selling point.

The fact that researchers are constantly revising their guidelines for fruit and veg consumption upwards suggests that there will always be a need for greens powder. And since the pace of modern life precludes a sudden change in the way that people manage their diets, the health benefits of such a supplement will help to bolster its popularity over time.

Another reason that greens powder has risen to prominence and gained a following is because it is a lot more cost-effective than many consumers might assume.

Rather than having to find some of the more obscure ingredients that are included, then pay through the nose to get hold of them from health food shops, the powder cuts out the middle man and drives down the price of maintaining a balanced diet.

From Siberian ginseng and stevia leaf to alfalfa and spirulina, a greens powder will pull together plenty of different nutritious ingredients without leaving buyers with a daunting bill to pay.

The Pitfalls of Greens Powder

There’s no point pretending that greens powder is perfect, and it’s better to go in knowing all there is about a supplement rather than being blinded by praise while the problems are swept under the carpet.

The main issue that some people might have is with its palatability. The good news is that the flavour is entirely neutral, largely thanks to the inclusion of Maltodextrin. But this natural ingredient which binds everything together won’t set your taste buds tingling.

The upshot of this is that you’ll probably want to mix it with something else, like a glass of fruit juice, a smoothie or some other liquid concoction. It can be combined with solid foods, although this isn’t necessarily something that everyone will enjoy, even with the neutral flavour promised.

The Future of Greens Powder

Demand for supplements is already strong, with sales growth experienced consistently in recent years. This suggests that there will certainly be space in the market for greens powder to establish itself and possibly shoulder out some of its competitors as it gains traction.

What gives it the edge is that unlike other popular powdered supplements, its focus is not on delivering protein. This means it can target a wider demographic, rather than simply appealing to people who want to build muscle mass at the gym.

For everyday health, greens powder is an obvious choice, especially for anyone who doesn’t want to dedicate a lot of their free time to picking out the perfect fruit and veg from the shop then converting it into a format that tastes good and can be consumed quickly.

Greens powder has been building momentum for a few years now, so it’s arguably already out of the fad stage and can be seen as a sturdy pillar of the supplements market.

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