6 Best Essential Oils for Varicose Veins


Essential oils are derived from plants. If you’ve ever made a piping hot cup of peppermint tea and noticed tiny droplets of oil floating at the top of your cup, that’s the essential oil of the peppermint plant and it’s really good for you! It turns out that plants have many natural medicinals concentrated in their oils. Some of these plant-based essential oils can be useful in varicose vein treatment at home.

Essential oils can help soothe symptoms of varicose veins before you elect to have varicose vein treatment. They can also be useful in slowing down the progression of other varicose veins. However, you should never assume that essential oils can actually “cure” varicose veins. They can’t cure chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) disease or venous reflux, the backward flow of blood in your veins due to damaged vein valves that are no longer one-way as they are supposed to be. Once a vein valve and or a vein wall has gone bad, there is no home remedy that can magically fix the vein value and or the vein wall!

Some essential oils help to dilate or constrict blood vessels, and therefore, can be used as a type of varicose vein treatment as they can improve the circulation of the blood and lymph and reduce edema. Here are some examples:

– Eucalyptus Oil

This essential oil contains eucalyptol which is a strong vasodilator, and therefore, improves circulation almost instantly upon application. If your legs are swelling and or feel achy, rubbing some warm eucalyptus oil on them and then elevating your legs for twenty minutes can really improve the situation.

– Black Pepper Oil

Beyond the varicose vein treatment, you can improve your leg vein health by rubbing some black pepper oil on your legs on a regular basis. Black pepper contains an exceptionally high quantity of a chemical called limonene, a terpene that helps melt away cholesterol. You can also use more black pepper on your food for the same purpose.

– Ginger Oil 

Ginger is a natural health powerhouse! Not only does it improve circulation, it also reduces the anti-inflammatory condition of varicose veins and veins that are on their way to becoming varicose veins. In this way, ginger oil can actually slow down the progression of veins becoming varicosed. While drinking fresh ginger tea on a regular basis can help a lot, if you add a few drops of the concentrated essential oil from ginger, you’ll pack a more powerful benefit into your tea.

Besides ginger oil, there are several other essential oils that are very powerful at reducing inflammation in your veins and in the tissues surrounding your veins. In fact, if you catch this inflammation early enough, you may even prevent your vein valves from becoming impaired. Here are a few examples:

– Cinnamon Oil

It turns out that the bark of many trees contain very effective natural medicinals. The most famous example is the active ingredient in aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, which was first discovered in willow bark. Cinnamon bark has many amazing medicinal qualities as well, including fighting inflammation. Make yourself a nice hot cup of cinnamon bark tea or more simply add a few drops of cinnamon oil into your favorite chai tea. By the way, varicose vein treatment never smelled so good!

– Citrus Oils

We have lumped the essential oils of all citrus fruits into one category. These include mandarin oil (tangerine oil), orange oil, and lemon oil. All smell heavenly and all have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Citrus oils give an extra bonus when it comes to at home varicose vein treatment. They contain antioxidants that actually tone and strengthen the walls of you veins. This can slow down the progression of varicose veins and even prevent new ones from forming!

– Rosemary Oil & Peppermint Oil

Both of these essential oils are favorites for soothing aching legs. Warm them up and rub them into your legs as you massage the pooled blood of swollen legs back toward the heart. The aroma is very relaxing as well. In other words, this is a very pleasant way to reduce inflammation in your veins and surrounding tissues! You can also grow your own fresh rosemary, a very hardy plant, and add some to roasted potatoes, chicken, or your morning eggs! Grow fresh peppermint and add to your teas and coffee! Of course, when you eat the whole food, you automatically get the oil included. However, if you buy the essential oils, the medicinals are more highly concentrated.

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