Be it summer or winter or any other season, every single person wants to stay in shape. However, with the life going on as normal adjusting between work and home does not leave much space for personal care time. Even when a person likes to stay fit and in shape, he or she finds it hard to take out time for exercising and gym. Following a proper diet and eating in portions never gets completed as balancing between work, home and other chores make it hard to follow a proper routine. Thus, an electronic device with the name of ‘Easy Glutes’ have been introduced which gives you the chance to tighten and tone the gluteal muscles within the premises of your home. The device is designed in a way that it makes it easy to lift and tone the gluteal muscles while working at home, doing chores, running or just working. You do not have to set your foot in the gym, do exercise or struggle with tough workouts to tighten your derriere like squats and lunges.

The FDA approved device is promoted by Dr Andrew Ordon, a plastic surgeon and the host of ‘The Doctors’. As mentioned in the commercial, the device is an instant fix for you as you want to deal with the fats in your gluteal muscle. Demonstrated in the advertisement, the device works to tighten the muscles and give a perfect lift by using the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) technology. You just have to place the electrode on your muscles and use the application which controls the level of intensity you desire to be applied on your gluteal area. The application sends the signal to the electrodes which pass the electrical current to the muscles. The muscles thus contract and the pressure is applied which fixes the muscles looseness as it tones and lift up the gluteal muscles giving you the shape of your dreams.


Muscle contraction is the process which the body does on its own as well. The muscles react in a certain way generating the electric signal or impulses which pass to the brain. From the brain these signals pass to the nerve cell which results in muscle contraction. However, these electric impulses or electric signals can also be generated from external devices like pacemakers or devices which uses the EMS technology. When the devices using the Electrical Muscle Stimulator are used, they works in a way that they generate electric signals which on reaching to the muscle acts just like the electric impulses passing though the nerve cells, the result in the contraction of muscle right below the electrical device.

Physicians and Doctors use EMS devices to treat patients with muscle injuries, muscle relaxation and to prevent muscle atrophy and to treat muscle condition which happen because of any incident like stroke, serious injury or because of major surgeries.


Easy Glutes device is introduced by the company Tristar which has been in business for a really long time. The company has realised hundreds of products since it has been in business. All products have been quite successful. Easy Glutes have also been a massive hit between its consumers. People are opting for Easy Glutes to have their bodies ready for summer. The device does not have any particular side effects other than the usual reported by some customers which are irritation, itchiness, redness or muscle ache felt by the users.


The devices is supposed to be operated by an application which claims to friendly on any kind of phone be it Android, IOS, Blackberry etc. The application helps in controlling the intensity of the electric sent to the electrodes which attaches to the gluteal muscles. However, the advertisement or the commercial do not explain how many levels intensity levels are there. Also, there is no information about how the device comes to life, means if it is rechargeable and how long does it take to be charged fully. Further, there is no information if there is any automatic program in the device. The customer representatives also fail to explain how the electrodes attach to the skin and how long will they work. If they are replaceable then do the company also supply electrodes separately. All this information is vital to the customer as it takes a thorough know how to buy a device and use it.



This devices will cost you a whopping $45.97. As it comes in $39.98 + $5.99 P&H. You can either pay for it one time or you can have two month pay setup which will cost you $19.99 plus $5.99 P&H per month. When this device will be bought, the customer will get a link from where he can download the application which is connected through the Bluetooth technology with the electrodes.


This device comes with various claims which are not all true. Though it says that you do not have to exercise, still it will be required to lose the fats. It also says that it is ideal for any level of fitness however it might not be true for every muscle condition. Thus even if it is FDA approved, it still requires you to consult a doctor before using it. In the end, there are many other EMS devices which works in a similar way and cost a bit lower than Easy Glutes. So it is better to do your research before opting for the device that promises to tone and lift up your gluteal muscles while being at home.


Some of the benefits of this device are,

  • Easy to use technology, can be used while working, getting ready, going for run etc.
  • Bluetooth technology connecting the device to our smartphones.
  • FDA approved for toning, lifting, firming and strengthening.
  • Easily attachable electrodes.
  • Various intensity levels.

Some of the cons of this device are,

  • Redness, irritation, itchiness due to the attachment of electrodes.
  • Even though the device claims that there will be no need of exercise. Exercise and proper diet is still required.
  • The device is pretty expensive.
  • The attachment which helps the electrodes staying intact with the gluteal muscles stop working properly after a while because of the sweat issues.
  • The device is not suitable without doctor’s recommendation.
  • As the users are not aware about the intensity levels, the usage of device causes ache in their muscles.


There is no surety that the device will leave you with you dream derriere. Because even if the device uses EMS technology and it works in a similar way in which the body electric signals work, the fats that cover the gluteal muscles will however stay there. All the work that your muscles will do with by contraction will be hidden and covered by the fat. Thus, in order to lose that fat it is important to have a proper diet and exercise routine. Therefore it makes a strong point that people who think they can get toned and lifted gluteal muscles while staying at home cannot achieve their goal without a diet and exercise routine. Thus it is better to consult your doctor before using this device so he can assist you better about how much intensity you can tolerate and along with the usage of this device which exercises and diet can help you achieve your dream derriere.

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Areeba Amir
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