What is Dianabol? : Daily Dosage & Side Effects


One of most widely used oral steroids on the market, Dianabol (also commonly known as “Dbol” or “Diana”) has stood the test of times and remained as the most popular and widely used and effective anabolic steroids used by amateur as well as pro bodybuilders.

The name “Dianabol” was given by the brand “Ciba” because of the substance “Methandrostenolone”. Dianabol is no longer manufactured by pharmaceutical companies but it is still supplied in the market by several underground labs, it is available in 5mg, 10mg and 50mg tablets. Why is Dianabol this popular? the primarily reason behind its popularity comes down to a couple of vital factors; Being an oral steroid it is very easy & appealing to inexperienced steroids users who don’t want to use injectables steroids. it is available in the market very easily, it is available at a very cheap price in the market as compared to the other anabolic steroids, and most significantly, it is also very effective at delivering fast gains in muscle and strength.

How to take Dianabol?

Although Dianabol is out there in an injectable form. It is popularly used as an oral steroid in the form of pills. Dianabol features a comparatively short half life which implies for a user to retain a stable blood concentration level they are best taking the daily dose that is split over the course of the day. Dividing the dose of Dianabol is typically very simple thanks to the dosage of tablets offered, and it might seem helpful to consume the dose at the time you’ve got a meal to minimise any potential stomach upsets.

You might have seen in different articles regarding Dianabol on the bodybuilding forums, about its consumption as a pre workout. This method is said to have the benefit of higher drug uptake, & improved performance in terms of strength and pump in the gym because of the spike in blood concentration achieved during the workout. This method really sounds appealing, however we should additionally bear in mind that this regime can cause a greater strain on the liver. This method continues to be used by many experienced Dianabol users but, primarily over dosing the drug as a pre workout anabolic. Most of the users it would be wiser to split the dose.

Dosages of a Dianabol cycle?

The common dose for Dianabol is 30-50mg every day, with a cycle that may typically last between four and six weeks. 30-40 mg is an effective dose for an individual that is leading to very good gains in muscle mass and strength, along with restricting potential side effects. a lot of experienced users may need to take a little higher dose, although like most alternative compounds, there is a dosage level wherever the muscle and strength gains plateau off and therefore the side effects heighten, leading to a point during which it is not worth increasing the dose. Generally,  Most experienced users would rarely go over 70-80mg per day.

Experienced users might need to stack Dianabol with other steroids that are generally used for mass cycles. testosterone Enanthate and Deca-Durabolin, for instance, with a diet high in calories and most necessary vital nutrients for growth. On the other side, many novices begin with Dianabol as a stand alone for his or her 1st anabolic steroid cycle. Dianabol,  A steroid that can lead to good gains in muscle mass, while being a widely used & available oral steroid, It is taken by the inexperienced and needle afraid users.

Side effects from Dianabol?

Dianabol is toxic, Which means it is very harmful to the liver. Being seventeen alpha-alkylated results in a far greater bioactive substance, however we should limit the dose and time period of Dianabol to not cause any long term harm to the liver. This should also be kept in mind that using this substance along with any other substance can lead to liver strain, such as alcohol or other toxic substances.

The side effects possible on a Dianabol cycle are acne and oily skin, aggressiveness and possible male pattern baldness (MPB). These. androgenic side effects often depend on the user, and how prone they are to every of the side effects. If you are significantly prone to acne it might be unwise to not expect Dianabol to have the potential to cause a deadly disease.

Oestrogen related side effects are also possible with Dianabol use, so using an anti-aromatase and anti-oestrogen would be wise in case of gynecomastia is quite apparent during the cycle. gynecomastia is the formation of breast tissue, and is commonly first discovered as itchy and sore nipples in its early stages.

The retention of water could be a end result of the Dianabol use, Resulting in a lot of weight gain within the initial weeks due to the water retention. This could cause a really bloated look, with users appearing puffy, particularly around the neck and face resulting in a “moon face”. The are also great strength gains while on the cycle by lubricating the joints somewhat, however users can expect to lose this water weight once the Dianabol cycle is completed.

What supplements to take with Dianabol?

Milk thistle, Liv-52 and ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) are usually taken with oral 17-aa steroids to help protection of the liver. There are other “off-the-shelf” products in the market that offer a range of drugs that can aid with liver protection while on cycle, therefore looking out online supplement suppliers may give some fruitful results.


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