Cannabidiol oil, mostly known as CBD is an oil which is gaining global attention as an oil for pain relief. It is now common everywhere around the globe. This oil is extracted from the resin glands found in marijuana leaves, its buds, and flowers. In addition to this, CBD oil can also be generated through industrial ways, by extracting it from hemp. A hemp is a fibrous form of cannabis. It has small buds and a tetrahydrocannabinol. This THC concentration level is mostly kept low like 0.3 percent so that it does not affect the body in any negative way. THC is the compound which results in making people high. These CBD oils are generally very low in THC level.

CBD oil is usually taken in the forms of either capsule or in liquid form. People use it in their tea or vape pens. Users claim that it helps in depression, anxiety and works as a pain reliever. Some people also use it to have a better sleeping cycle as it helps in getting peaceful sleep. It appeals to people because it helps in relieving pain without taking any of the pharmaceutical drugs which have one or more side effects on the other parts of the body. The gaining attention CBD oil is receiving from around the globe, claims that it might be used in treating chronic pain and anxiety in the future and also various other ailments.

CBD oil comes with various benefits. Even though it has a minor amount of THC in it, but it still does not trigger that part of the brain which makes people high. Instead, it works with those enzymes and compounds which helps people getting relief in their pain. Some of the many benefits of CBD oil are,

1. Helps to relieve pain

We can go as far as 2900 BC and we will found that marijuana is used to treat pain since then. CBD oils help in relieving pain as it works with the special part of the human body known as endocannabinoid system (ECS). With the help of this system, the CBD oil works in promoting sleep, appetite, pain and various responses of immune system. Thus, the usage of the right amount of oil can helps in promoting the wellness of the human body.

2. Treating Anxiety and Depression

CBD oil also helps in treating anxiety and depression. According to many types of research and scientific studies, usage of this oil has a very positive effect on the mind and body of depressed people. In one study, 24 people suffering from depression were given a particular amount of CBD oil. These participants were compared with those who were not given CBD oil. The group showed less depressive symptoms, less anxiety and fewer signs of impairment. They were rather at ease than the group who did not receive CBD oil.

Scientists and researchers are continuously contributing to learn and find more and more about CBD oil. Various studies are being conducted to learn if CBD oils can be used in medical treatment for various chronic diseases. Children in post-traumatic stress disorder are also treated with this oil to overcome their anxiety and insomnia. New Drug Application (NDP) is reviewed by FDA to treat Epidiolex. CBD oil can also be used to treat seizures like Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. These two very rare conditions of childhood-onset epilepsy.

3. Alleviation of Cancer-related Symptoms

Cancer-related symptoms like nausea, vomiting and intense pain can be treated with CBD oil. Studies were done on a group of people. 177 people were given a particular amount of CBD and THC compound. These people showed much relief symptoms. They felt at ease and better than before. This oil work with the compounds of the body which helps to relieve the pain and anxiety effects. It helps in relaxing the body, thus patients feel better with their pain. Cancer patients generally go through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy has side effects on the body like continuous nausea and vomiting. CBD helps in these patients and controls the side effects of chemotherapies.

4. Treating Acne

Most of the population in today’s world is generally concerned about their skin and skin related conditions. Acne is one major problem, especially among teens. CBD oil is considered to treat Acne. It happens mostly because of either genetics issue or bacterial issues. Inflammation mostly causes acne to come up the skin. The study was done in a test tube to see if CBD oil can help in controlling acne. Through the study, it is found out that, CBD oils can help control the production of excessive amount of sebum by the sebaceous glands. The compounds present in the CBD oil helps in prevention of inflammatory cytokines. Many other studies were also done which helped in finding that CBD might be the safe and better way to treat acne.

5. Other benefits

Other than these major benefits, CBD oil can help in diabetes. Studies show that CBD oil can help prevention of diabetes by up to 58 percent. It can also help in substance abuse treatment, antipsychotic effects, and anti-tumor effects.

Some Side-Effects of CBD Oil

Some of the most common side effects stated by the users of CBD oil are nausea, vomiting, diarreha and bloating. Every person faces various these side effects in varying intensity. Some users also showed changes in their liver. It indicated toxicity. Some users had to discontinue the use of CBD oil as their liver state showed serious damage.

Best CBD Oils

According to various surveys and researches, some of the best CBD oils for pain relief are,

  • Pure Kana Natural CBD Oil
  • Green Roads CBD
  • CBD Essence: Medicinal Grade Hemp Extraction
  • CBD Pure – 100, 300, or 600 mg Lab-Tested Hemp Oil
  • Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract, 500 mg, CBD, 1oz
  • CBDistillery – Highest Potency Cannabis Oil
  • Koi CBD: 0% THC, ISO Lab-Certified
  • Elixinol – CBD Tincture – Hemp Oil Drops (3600mg CBD)
  • NuLeaf Naturals – The World’s Premier CBD Oil Company
  • VerifiedCBD – The “World’s Finest CBD Products”
  • CBD Fx: 500-1,000 mg Oil Tincture
  • MedTerra Med Oil CBD Tinctures

These CBD oils are considered as top CBD oils for pain relieving purpose. The top best CBD oil is ‘Pure Kana Natural CBD Oil’. It is considered best oil for pain because it is 99 percent natural oil and has a very low level of THC compound in it. The originality of this oil and company made it popular among the users. Various major sites like HERB and HIGH TIME claimed that this brand of oil is the top class brand in the field of CBD oils. It is unflavoured, dietary and full of nutritious supplements. It helps in effectively treating chronic pain, anxiety, sleeping disorder, and depression. It also helps in inflammation. Some of the key features of Pure Kana Natural CBD oil are, it does not contain any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides. Only contains 0.05 percent amount of THC. Also, it ranges in price and costs ($48.00 – $139.00).

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