Anxiety is a form of the disease which is attacking a really big part of our community. It is spreading quickly and vastly over the time span. However, as dangerous as it can be, people are taking it very lightly. They think that anxiety is just a normal thing which can go away after some time. On the contrary, the effect of anxiety, as well as its aftereffects, remain there for a very long period of time. Anxiety symptoms are thus generally ignored and it is left unattended. Very few percents of people give heed to these symptoms and go out to seek medical help for anxiety. Usually, doctors and Psychiatrists provide medications and pharmaceutical drugs to cure anxiety. These drugs and medication often have very negative side effects on the body. These things also leave the person feeling debilitated. Though these medications are helpful and provide soothing effects and decrease anxiety attacks. However, they leave the body with so many side effects that a person may think it is better to not take these medications. More than 40 percent people, however, opt for these drugs yet no one fully finds the much-needed relaxation even after using these.CBD OIL DOSAGE FOR ANXIETY

In today’s world and scientific advancement, there are many new drugs, medications, and oils launched and generated that claims to cure many ailments and pains. Same is the case with CBD oils. Cannabidiol oil is usually generated from the marijuana plant. However, it does not have much THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level. This is the compound which usually intoxicates people or they get ‘high’. CBD oil has very low percentage of THC. Thus, it does not react with the brain in a negative way. On the contrary, it reacts with those compounds which send chemical signals to the right parts of the brain so that a person gets relief in his pain. More and more people are moving towards the usage of CBD oils for various purposes. It can be used for treating chronic pain, anxiety, depression, injuries as well as insomniac issues. People who have used CBD oils in the form of either capsules or liquid form in order to cure their sleeping issues have faced positive effects. These oils are FDA approved. However, it is not sure if these oils can cure chronic pains or if they can actually be used in medical treatments. Yet there are claims that all these oils very useful and helpful for many issues of the body.


Similar is the case of anxiety, people who have used CBD oils for curing their anxiety says that there is a massive decrease in their anxiety attacks. Many types of research have been conducted to make sure if CBD oil is safe for usage in anxiety cases. Also, the researches were conducted to check the results of these CBD oils in the cases of anxiety. People have used CBD oils in curing their anxiety. Those who have used this oil terms it relieving oil. A proper dose of this oil provides relief in anxiety attacks. Also, it increases serotonin level and provides relief in depressions. The usage of this oil also helps in maintaining proper sleeping cycles.


Many types of research have been conducted on small levels to check out the effect of CBD oil in cases of anxiety. These researches help us in realizing if it is a good usage for anxiety or not. The first research about CBD oil was conducted in 1982. The patient was given a particular dosage of CBD oil followed by a dosage of valium. CBD oil had a very positive effect on the patient and decreased the anxiety attacks generated because of THC. CBD oil provides an immediate soothing effect on the emotions, relief pain and decreases anxiety attacks. It helps people to think calmly and alter their sudden responses to the reaction of others. However, there are some researches which state that these CBD oils are not much effective when the researches were conducted on animals. But the most proportion of the studies are in the favor of these oils.


Now, the main concern is that in what proportion or quantity this oil can be used in the case of anxiety. As for the starter, it is better to first consult your doctor if you are using any medication or pharmaceutical drugs to treat your anxiety. You should not just stop taking them suddenly because that will be negative for your health. So, it is necessary that you consult your doctor who knows your history of health and medications both.

There is no particular amount which is set for anxiety. You have to start with small dosages and then adjust to the one which affects you positively.


It is always needed that your body gets adjusted to the new medication or oil. Thus, it is necessary that you should start with the lowest dose of CBD oil. Always start from the bottom so that your body gets adjusted to it. In the meanwhile, you will also be able to notice how it affects your body.


Increase the dosage slowly. Always keep a check on how your body reacts to the increase. If you think the body is reacting in a better way than the last dosage then this amount might be better for you. If you think there is no such change coming from this new amount of CBD oil which you are consuming then you might need to increase it more.


Do not take the whole amount in one go. This might be harmful to you just like we do not take all medicines in one go. It is better to divide the dosage which suits your body into small bits and pieces. A small amount of dosage taken twice or thrice in a day will help you reach to the overall amount which suits your body. And it will also be more positive for your body.


Regularly check in with your doctor to have a proper check-up done about your body. This will help to keep track of the symptoms and the reactions which go on inside your body after the usage of this oil. As everything has either one or more side effects, similarly, these oils might also have a negative impact on your body. A doctor knows better than you so you should speak to your doctor regularly.

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